Great Start to Quality System Update-Corrected Links
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Recently we shared that HighScope has revised its tool for on-site assessment of preschool classrooms and created the PQA-R. The new tool will be in use beginning July 1. Because of this, adjustments will be made to the Great Start to Quality system and process.

Since this change is happening in the midst of the current system upgrade, we are taking steps to limit the burden to providers and help programs maintain their star rating.
Extending Expiration Dates
All programs whose star rating expires between July 1 and November 30 will have their expiration dates extended by four (4) months.  This will allow time for programs to learn more about the PQA-R and prepare for the transition to the upgraded system, while keeping their current rating and rate of subsidy payment. Programs that would like to continue through the rating process, despite the extension, must follow the  timeline  for submission before the transition to the upgraded system.
Learning More about PQA-R
We will communicate what we know about the revised tool as we learn more from HighScope over the coming months. Below is important information we can share.
What We Already Know About PQA-R
  • The PQA-R is not finalized. The tool is currently being tested by Great Start Readiness Programs across the state and revisions may be made following the end of the school year.
  • Scoring cannot be completed by hand. HighScope's scoring method for PQA-R is not published, so we are determining the impact on the Great Start to Quality Assessment process.
  • The system is not ready to accept the new scoring structure. Because the current system for Great Start to Quality is being upgraded, we do not have the ability to integrate the PQA-R tool at this time.
  • Changes are driven by HighScope. Decisions to update the tool lie solely with HighScope. Great Start to Quality is now working to adjust to these updates. 
What We Are Learning About PQA-R
  • How scores relate to GSQ ratings.  Test data from HighScope will help us determine how scores from the tool relate to 4 and 5 Star ratings. This will take place in the next several months.
  • The revisions will require shifting of mindsets.  The PQA-R is structured differently and measures different aspects of the classroom than the Preschool PQA. 
  • How to get more information to those who need it. We are intentionally sharing what we know now so that programs can prepare for the change. We will work with HighScope to ensure there are learning opportunities for providers to do just that.
With permission from HighScope, we are sharing the current PQA-R tool  and its supplemental materials . Remember, this tool may be revised, and it is not the final tool . It will, however, give you a sense of the changes and how to prepare your programs for assessment. If you have specific questions about the tool, please contact HighScope. If you have questions about its connection to Great Start to Quality, contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center at 1-877-614-7328 or .

Not sure when your program's star rating expires?  Need help creating an Organization Profile in MiRegistry? Contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center for assistance.  

 1-877-614-7328  or