Great Start to Quality System Update-Correction
Language, in yellow, in the Accreditation section below has been adjusted for clarity.  
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Upgraded System = New Language

On October 1, you will notice many new and exciting features of the upgraded STARS system. Along with changes to user experience, there will be new terminology used to describe parts of the system and processes by which a program becomes rated. There will also be words that will we will no longer use related to system process. Some are noted here:

Application (Rating Application) -The process to request a new rating with the program's confirmed contact, licensing, accreditation, enrollment and classroom information.
Case -From application to published rating, everything related to that rating, including validation, assessment, and quality improvement support.
Case Overview  (information that displays here varies based on the status of the case)-The Organization's dashboard that displays the current rating and rating certificate, the Quality Improvement Plan, the Organization's case history and the current case status including next steps and access to the SAS (depending on the status of the case) and to details about the current case.
Case Details -A record of all Great Start to Quality staff assigned to assist the program, access to case notes, case status history, and current case rating.
Case Notes -A documented list of interactions for the case by Great Start to Quality staff.
Case History- A record of all previous rating cases.
Status- Where a program is in the rating process. Ex. Application Accepted, SAS Submitted, Awaiting Assessment, etc.
Quality Improvement Plan -A plan created to support and track steps to improve the program's quality.
Action Items -The specific goals and steps a program has entered in the Quality Improvement Plan (I added this so it is clear that only the program can add and manage Action Items in the QIP).

For programs currently participating in Great Start to Quality,  Reassessment  is the term used when a program applies for a star rating prior to 180 days before their rating expires. And  Re-Rating  is the term used when a program starts the rating process after the 180-day mark prior to expiration. These two terms will no longer be used with the upgraded system. Any time a program would like to demonstrate their quality in order to be rated, they will  "Apply for a New Rating"  regardless of when they do so before their 2-year expiration date.

Programs who are NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) accredited, may submit their accreditation certificate to MiRegistry for verification to be considered for an Alternate Pathway through the Great Start to Quality rating process. Submitting an accreditation certificate should be done in advance of completing a rating application in order to allow time for verification. This can be done at any time and prior to October 1 in preparation of the system transition. Programs can upload their certificate through their Organization Profile, under the Program Info tab, then the Accreditation Tab and click on the  +Accreditation  button.

Want to learn more about the system upgrade?  Contact your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center for assistance or visit our website.  

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