Great Start to Quality System Update
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Change to Assessment Tool-Preschool PQA

Over the last several months you have heard that HighScope created a new tool for assessment of preschool classrooms - the PQA-R. While it was the full intention to integrate the PQA-R into Great Start to Quality during the September timeframe, it has become obvious this is not possible.

Data needed from HighScope regarding the new tool was needed by the Michigan Department of Education-Office of Great Start (MDE-OGS) to determine how scoring would connect to Great Start to Quality Star ratings. The data set is not yet available so determinations cannot yet be made.

Because of this, considering the best interest of providers, as well as the quality rating and improvement system, it has been decided to continue to use the Preschool PQA to measure quality within preschool classrooms for programs participating in Great Start to Quality. The Preschool PQA continues to align with Michigan's Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Prekindergarten, and HighScope has agreed it may continue to be used for the purpose of quality rating.

A schedule of activities was created and implemented during the summer months to allow time to build the PQA-R into the upgraded STARS systemthat will launch October 1st. MDE-OGS and ECIC's Great Start to Quality team made the decision to shift back to the Preschool PQA in time for it to be built and ready for eligible programs to receive assessments when the new system launches.

Once MDE-OGS receives the data needed to make further decisions regarding the PQA-R, plans will be made for its integration into Great Start to Quality.
It is possible this shift may cause some confusion and questions. You are encouraged to reach out to your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center for support at 1-877-614-7328 or

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