Thoughts from our President and CEO

Summer is quickly coming to a close. Many families have enjoyed summer vacations, others are working on their ‘back-to-school’ lists for their children and some are helping their recent high school graduate get ready to leave for college.
As a parent, I fall in all three of these categories this year.
My children are lucky, just like many of yours are. They have a consistent adults in their young lives. They know there will be food in the pantry when they are home. They know they have a safe, comfortable place to sleep, sheltered from the elements. The only doubts they might have about their future are those that most of us had as adolescents, ‘who will I go to prom with this year,’ ‘will I pass my driver’s test’ or ‘where will I go to college’.
For the young people that Pivot, A Turning Point for Youth , serves – most of the above is not their normal and, most likely, the last things they are thinking about. They struggle with stability from caring adult relationships, knowing when they might eat next, or worse yet, where they will sleep at night. Because of you, and other friends just like you, the youth who come to Pivot are provided hope and opportunity through the resources, services and programs Pivot offers to meet them where they are, ensure they are safe, meet their immediate needs, then help them build the stability they so desperately need.
I am so proud of the work the team at Pivot does day in and day out. These outcomes are nothing more than life changing, true turning points in a young person’s life. It isn’t just the work being done by the young person and the team members who work with them, you have helped make this possible.
Please take the time to read through our newsletter. We have an exiting 'Back to School' matching gift opportunity! You’ll hear about a young lady who is now in a positive place in her life and credits the connection and services Pivot provided her at a critical time. There is an update on our tiny home community and what that means for young people who find themselves homeless or aging out of the foster care system. Pivot is also expanding services to fill a critical gap that our community is currently facing with street homeless transition age youth. Finally, you will also read some exciting news about our involvement in a MAPS 4 proposal.

Jennifer Goodrich, LPC, LADC
President and CEO
Back to School Match!

Thanks to the generosity of Barbara and Marvin Jirous, all gifts up to $10,000 will be matched to ensure the teens we serve have a strong start to the school year! Young people like Lori.
Lori was experiencing emotional and physical abuse at home until her mom kicked her out simply because she turned 18. In the middle of her senior year, Lori was suddenly trying to find friends who would let her stay with them and worry began to overtake her on how she would be able to keep her grades up and graduate.

Her school counselor saw Lori struggling and referred her to Pivot. Lori’s advocate at Pivot assessed her situation. Together, they addressed her need for stable housing, employment, securing a driver’s license and staying on the right track with her education. Pivot worked closely with Lori to find a safe, stable place to live in one of our independent living apartments. This stability allowed her to focus on her classwork instead of worrying about where she’d sleep each night.
Lori graduated with honors in May and received an academic scholarship to an Oklahoma college. She is excited to continue her education and what she can accomplish next.
With your gift, and the generous match being offered by Barbara and Marvis Jirous, you can help us move more young people like Lori from a place of fear and instability to one of hope and opportunity. Your support ensures that teens start the school year with the resources they need to not only survive, but to thrive – school supplies as well as food and shelter, tutoring, mentoring and therapeutic care.  Click here to help.
Tiny Housewarming

Our first three tiny homes are almost finished! We are ready to prepare them for teen tenants and hope to have them in the tiny homes by the time school starts in early August.

We are thrilled about the progress of this project and grateful for all who have helped us get to this point. It truly has been a community effort and we are confident these homes will have a positive impact on teens living independently and who would otherwise be homeless. Youth living in the tiny homes will have access to services Pivot provides as they continue on their path to becoming self-reliant adults with ties to our community.

If you’d like to help us keep our tiny homes stocked with necessities, please see our Amazon Wishlist . To learn more about Pivot’s tiny home community and how you can help support youth, click here .

Pivot is excited to be part of the MAPS 4 discussion and proposal centered around homelessness and affordable housing. While we support teens in this situation every day, we know that there are steps that individuals, businesses and our city can take together to make strides toward ending homelessness in OKC. The presentation to City Council is Wednesday, July 31. We’d love to have you join us at the meeting and we are asking all friends and partners to please wear white in support of this initiative. We are hopeful this collaborative plan is part of the MAPS 4 proposal that citizens will vote on in November. #MAPS4HOUSING #HOMELESSNOMORE
Step Right Up for the Community
It's time for the United Way Campaign

The annual United Way of Central Oklahoma campaign, as well as the annual Heart of the City Campaign and State Charitable Campaign, raise much-needed funds for vital community programs across central Oklahoma. Pivot is thankful to be a United Way partner and we look forward to this time of year! Pivot enjoys going out and talking to various companies and groups about who we are and those we serve.

The United Way, Heart of the City and State Charitable Campaign not only raise funds, they also raise awareness of community needs and organizations like Pivot who are working daily to improve lives of our friends and neighbors. As a proud partner of United Way of Central Oklahoma, we hope you’ll support this annual campaign!
Calendar of Events

July 31: MAPS 4 Presentation on Homelessness and Affordable Housing
At 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, City Council will hear four different proposals for consideration to be included in MAPS 4. If you’d like to support this collaborative project, join us in City Council Chambers.
August 22: Teen Service Board Open House
This year’s Teen Service Board (TSB) members have been selected for the 2019-2020 school year! We are hosting an Open House for TSB members and their families to hear more about Pivot and this year’s activities. Please be sure to RSVP with Norman .
August 28: Turning Point Tour
Spend an hour with us to learn more about how lives are being transformed and hear success stories of the resilient youth. Our next tour is Wednesday, August 28, 4-5 p.m. To reserve your spot today, email Natalie or call 405-235-7537.
Sept. 1 – Nov. 15: United Way, State Charitable and Heart of City Campaigns
Workplace giving campaigns have begun! As a proud partner of United Way of Central Oklahoma, we hope you’ll support this annual campaign. For state of Oklahoma employees and City of Oklahoma City employees, you have the opportunity to support United Way, as well as Pivot, directly. Please designate 7049 through your payroll deduction or one-time gift.
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