August 2021
Clinical Trials for Kidney Cancer: An Option for You?
KidneyCAN partners with the National Kidney Foundation to host patient education events on a variety of topics. Recently, we discussed clinical trials for kidney cancer with Dr. Martin Voss, a genitourinary oncologist with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, in New York. Topics included:

  • What is a clinical trial?
  • Where do I find clinical trials for kidney cancer?
  • What are important questions to ask about a trial?
  • What is informed consent?
  • What are good clinical practices?
  • What can patients expect during a trial?
  • What are the risks and benefits of participating in a trial?

We want patients to think of clinical trials as an option at all stages of treatment. Trials can open access to promising new treatments and connect you with the best specialists. If trials are an option you would consider, start the conversation now with your oncologist.  Ask your doctor "Do you offer trials?" and "Where do you refer patients who are interested in clinical trials?"

Clinical trials are available for patients with all stages of cancer and can be an effective way to get treatment. Learn more about clinical trials in our Patient Resource Center:
KidneyCAN is continuously growing our resources for patients, including a number of videos to educate patients on getting the best treatment and living well with cancer. You can stay in the loop with our video publications at our YouTube channel:
District Days: Asking Congress to Fund Research
We lose almost 40 people per day to kidney cancer in the United States. The need for research funding is urgent.

For District Days, the kidney cancer community met with members of Congress all over the United States to ask for robust funding of kidney cancer research. What an impact we have when we all speak up together!
The New York delegation of advocates meets with Sen. Kristen Gillibrand's office.
The Tennessee delegation of advocates meets with Rep. Jim Cooper's office.
We are so grateful for the advocates who spoke up for the kidney cancer community on August 9th and 10th. Read more about this successful event and how you can join us next time!
Driving Research Collaboration: KCRS21
KidneyCAN is proud to host the 3rd Annual Kidney Cancer Research Summit. KCRS is a meeting focused on basic science research, translational research, and clinical kidney cancer research.

This meeting is fueled by the ideas and research funded through the Department of Defense CDMRP-KCRP awards. The goal for KCRS is to present the important, innovative research funded by the KCRP. We also aim to connect researchers from around the world to share their work.

Join us on October 7 and 8 for this dynamic, interactive meeting focused on the latest basic science, translational, and clinical research in kidney cancer. Patients and caregivers, doctors, researchers, and academics -- all are welcome to register FREE for the virtual component of our meeting.
KidneyCAN Community Spotlight
Patient Shari Stonacek: "So Many Reasons to Live"
Shari is a Registered Nurse and spent 35 years in the ICU helping people. She continues to help her community as an advocate for KidneyCAN.
This month, we’re turning our KidneyCAN Spotlight on patient Shari Stonacek, an advocate in our community who is living with stage IV kidney cancer. Her story is inspiring!

Shari is 56 years old and lives in Nebraska. Shari worked as a registered nurse for 35 years, primarily in the ICU. She has been married to her husband Troy for 35 years, and they have seven children, three of whom are married, and four grandchildren. They are thrilled to welcome a fifth grandchild in March 2022.

Shari was diagnosed with kidney cancer when she was 54. At the time of her diagnosis, she and her husband had just become “empty nesters,” as their children ranged in age from 18-29 years old. Shari had no risk factors and only vague symptoms, including fatigue and a burning feeling in her stomach. Shari’s doctors thought she perhaps had a stomach ulcer and had been treating her for that.
Research Update: How Trial Research Is Used in the Clinic
OncLive recently hosted a panel discussion regarding individual preferences for treating favorable-risk metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

This a great video discussion on how top doctors interpret the trial data and select the first treatment.
Research Update: The Impact of Diet
Does diet affect response to TKI's? Could cholesterol lead to a new target for treating RCC? Here are a couple of intriguing articles expanding our understanding.
This research from Fox Chase shows more growth in the tumors in mice fed a high-cholesterol diets and less response to TKI's. Read more in Nature:
This article presents more research on cholesterol dependency in ccRCC and a first look at whether SCARB1 could be a novel therapeutic target for treating kidney cancer.  Celeste Simon from University of Pennsylvania will be presenting on this topic at KCRS21!
Research Update: FDA Approves Belzutifan for VHL-Related Kidney Cancer
Following the FDA approval of Belzutifan for patients with VHL-related kidney cancer, KidneyCAN gathered key experts to discuss the development, trial results, and future potential of HIF2 alpha inhibition. Join us for this great conversation as we celebrate the first approved treatment for VHL patients!

The five-year survival rate for stage IV kidney cancer is just 13%.
Our work is urgent, and we need your support.

Our mission is to accelerate cures for kidney cancer. We engage in patient advocacy and power research by supporting government and industry research funding, facilitating research collaborations, and offering direct financial support for clinical and laboratory researchers with promising ideas. Together, we can find the cure.
Thank you for being part of our grassroots army!
KidneyCAN is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and does not receive any funding through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) or KCRP (Kidney Cancer Research Program). KidneyCAN's work is funded entirely through donations.