October 2014

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October News and Highlights
World Rankings Now
The transition that I started a month ago is done.  The site was having performance issues including crashing several times a day so I tried a few other hosting plans.  The site was moved to the current location about a week ago, seems stable and is performing much faster than the original and the two other trials.  I've committed to the new host and changed the domain to the more appropriately named ( still works by forwarding to the new site).

Someone recently told me that they didn't think most people understood that my rankings system will not continue without sustainable funding. Their statement, at least the last part, is very true. I am not trying to alarm anyone; merely pointing out the blunt reality that I cannot continue much longer to put most of my life on hold to try and develop this. I am still very hopeful I can obtain sustainable funding and really appreciate the advice, feedback and help as well as the donations; I couldn't do this without you.


There are several things I am trying at the same time like sending a prospectus to billionaires, people with connections and companies to find someone interested in supporting the mission of bringing the benefits a real time rankings system provides to older people.  Many of you have sent me good ideas how funding could be obtained and I will pursue some of those if the current efforts are not successful.  


So Many Improvements
A new website design, thousands of corrections made, database redesigns, new features added, new programs being implemented and a (free) logo have been done since last month's update...Wow!  More improvements are on the way.  Read More
Back to Work!
Not many meets have been imported since I took the time to focus on fundraising and changing the site.  Tomorrow, I will start to import meets almost every day again..  I post notifications on the Facebook page when I upload meet results.  Remember that the notifications I post to Facebook do not go to all who liked the page so you will need to check the Facebook pages for all of the notifications.    Click here to go to the Facebook page
Rankings Awards
Many of you know I intend to give awards for the best ranked individuals in the six WMA regions (the best of these gets a special award).  My intent is to give awards for 2013 and 2014 when each rankings lists are complete enough then start giving awards around February 1st starting with the 2015 awards.  Read More on Rankings Awards

Some have suggested to make rankings awards available for purchase like trophies, apparel and gear for those ranked in the top 100 in an event.  I have looked into this and will do so if there is enough interest.  You can state your preference by clicking on the appropriate button on the bottom of the Rankings Awards information page (use the link above). 
Excessive Wind Performances
Having only legal wind performances for sprints, short hurdles and horizontal jumps on the rankings lists is important to many of you and is to me.  No one should worry because none of the lists above will be finalized until wind readings have been incorporated.  I have uploaded all of the wind readings (when available) on all the imported meets and many of you have submitted wind measurements when you've submitted results.  All these are in the system but I need to work out some things before I change the lists.  The excessive or unknown wind readings will be visible too but will not appear on the actual rankings lists and will not displace legal wind performances.  
Do You Have Multiple Citizenships?
A feature is coming soon which will allow any individual with multiple citizenships to appear on each national list.  Any athlete that has multiple citizenships should email me your name, the countries where you are a citizen, effective dates for each country (include end date if you changed citizenship - all others will be handled as multiple citizenships) and the "primary" country.  The primary country will be the one which is shown on all the main rankings lists.  You will be able to see your ranking on your profile page for all of your citizenships and the appropriate WMA region.
You can help these rankings continue
  • Visiting the site often and encouraging others to do so (potential Benefactors and Corporate Partners will like to see many visitors to the site);
  • Take the online improvement survey and encouraging others to do so (I use this for insight how I can make the system better);
  • Post a testimonial to the site and encouraging others to do so (this will help potential Benefactors and Corporate Partners understand how much this system benefits);
  • Like the rankings Facebook page (this, like the other things above, help potential Benefactors and Corporate Partners see the "beneficiaries").;
  • Providing advice, ideas and help finding Benefactors and Corporate Partners as well as forward contact information for any possible Benefactors or Corporate Partnership so I can make my pitch to them;
  • Donate and encouraging others to do so if you can afford to and think this is support worthy;
  • Forward this email to anyone you think would be interested.
Have you been getting responses to your emails or comment posts?
Some people have not been receiving responses I have been sending.  I try to send responses to every email and question, comment, error, etc. post.  I send many responses immediately (within minutes) and try to send all responses within 24 hours.  Please check your spam folder and confirm you have received or let me know you haven't if you don't see a response within 48 hours.  I will try alternate email addresses to get them to you.  You can also increase the potential to receive responses by setting and as safe senders in your email settings. Responses to online posts and thank you notes for donations are sent using an email function from the site using  
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