Note to Parents
I hope you find this a fun way to keep your kids busy while they are home during this monumental event very much out of anyone's control.

As a Mom, I wanted to reach out and share some fun ideas with you from my experience working with kids in camera clubs, classroom visits and after school groups and more!

The activities can be tweaked to reach younger children through high school aged.

Best of all they requre no money be spent!
All the supplies needed for activities are already in your home!

It's all about teaching your kids to snap.... So you don't ;)

I hope you enjoy! ~ Trish

DIY Photo Booth Activities

Activity #1:

Make gathering half the fun. Grab a box or hamper and work with your kids to start collecting things.

For all ages, look for old halloween costumes, ties, suit coats, dress up clothes, umbrellas, goofy glasses, scarfs, bandanas, beach hats and don't forget some shiny necklaces, braclets and much, much more!

Add in some construction paper to make funny signs and cut out mustasches.

Activity #2:
Make A Background:

The background can be as simple as a plain wall. Try closing your window curtains and use them as a backdrop or hanging plain colored sheet.
Make signs with hashtags:


These hashtags will be great years from now to help you remember when and why you were staying home. As well as record what you did with your time. They will be come part of your family's photo history.

Activity #4:

People you can't be with in person will love seeing your kids happy, healthy and having fun. It's a great way to give grandparents a lift with fun photos!

  • Turn on your flash or open curtains across the room to make the room itself brighter.

  • Bring in an extra lamp or light if needed

  • To the parents remember to jump in and be part of the fun!

  • When you finish taking tons of photos, move them to your computer so you have a backup and can make room on your camera or phone to take more another day!

  • Teens may want to set this up on their own and make it more of a selfie station.

  • If you have grandparents and pets in your house include them too!

  • When you are finished, keep everything all together to use again another day or for future playdates and birthday parties.

  • Keep adding new #hashtag signs as new ones are created while we are staying at home and after we can all be together when the outbreak is contained.

This is "history in the making". Your family is writing Amercian History every day. This story and your story will be told for many generations to come!

Whether we stay home or not. Effects the history we record.

Take time to encourage your kids to to be patient, take photos, have fun and to write things down from their time at home. I'll be sending out another activity on "Telling Your Story" soon.

Enjoy the time at home with family. Someday, these are the stories and photographs your kids will share with their children.
History Defined:

Everything that has happened in the past to people, countries or things, it's a telling of events through words and pictures. History is a record of past events, especially having to do with the human race.
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