Events are the in-person representation of everything your brand stands for: its culture, ideals, content, and product. Marketing an event can be a tricky balance between securing the perfect speakers and venue, creating a personalized experience, and ensuring the right message to promote your unique brand. In this month's newsletter, BigSpeak's experienced team of marketers and event planners ​will show you some of the most effective ways to market your event in 2018. 
What's the story?
 Complimentary chapter download from Bassem Hamdy's The Book on Account Based Marketing.
Do you ever wonder "what if no one shows up to our event?" or even worse "what if they hate it?" Dissolve some of the anxiety around these two questions by marketing your event in all the right ways. Here are BigSpeak’s tips for marketing your next event to bring in the best-fit crowd for your speakers.
Traditionally, marketing has been the opposite of authentic. From photoshopping your wrinkles away to using celeb spokespersons to pedal products they don’t use, what you see is definitely not what you get. So how can you market more authentically? If you want to showcase your authenticity, then follow these three rules.
A brand story is a narrative that creates a feeling with your brand and an emotional connection with the consumer. It is the one thing your consumers will remember about you to differentiate you from the crowd of competitors, so it’s important to create a good one. In this article, we give you some strategies on how to build your own story.
Still need a speaker for your upcoming event? Whether you need to hire a keynote speaker for an event in two weeks or replace one in two days, it’s possible to get a last-minute speaker—if you keep the following in mind.
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