Pop Culture Science!
Fun with fidget spinners
Spark STEM conversations with students by tapping into the popular fidget spinner craze. If your kids love fidget spinners, build on their excitement with a related science activity. From physics to statistics, we have suggestions for science activities kids can do with fidget spinners!

Fuel Summer Fun with Hands-on Science
Find great summer science activities and projects
Keep your students engaged all summer long with fun science explorations at home. Science Buddies has great ideas for science activities that kids can do for a creative and scientific summer!

Find Great Science Projects 
Chemistry in the kitchen
From making marshmallows or butter to using spherification (or reverse spherification) to make juice balls and yogurt ravioli, students can explore science in the kitchen with tasty hands-on STEM activities. Check our list for great STEM suggestions, including the popular new "hot ice cream" project!
Science projects with balloons
Students can do a range of science and engineering activities and investigations using ordinary balloons. Whether you plan to make balloon-powered cars or two-stage balloon rockets, don't underestimate the science fun of a balloon! Check our list of balloon projects to find an air-filled STEM activity.

Feeding the World Tomorrow
Color-smart technology
Two new projects at Science Buddies guide students in an investigation of how agricultural tools and systems may be able to use color analysis to automate farming processes. Students can learn more about agricultural technology and explore related projects and career paths on the Agricultural Technology Science Projects page. 

Support for Agricultural Technology STEM resources is provided by the Pentair Foundation and the Donaldson Foundation.
Summer Sale - Discounts on Science Kits!
Save 30% on science kits - ends June 15
Take advantage of our 30% off sale to stock up on science kits in robotics, chemistry, physics, and more!  Fun projects, easy-to-follow instructions, plus quality supplies make these kits ideal for engaging kids of all ages in STEM activities this summer.