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Fire & Ice Massage

Perfect for tired sore muscles. This massage begins with warm stones to soothe, sculpt, and knead achy muscles into a deeper state of relaxation. Your therapist will utilize a combination of techniques focusing on problem areas and targeting the deeper muscle layers. As a finishing touch, Sombra natural Cool Therapy is applied. The contrasts that will leave you feeling at ease all over.

60 minutes - $100

90 minutes - $130

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$10 off CBD Massage

CBD Clinicâ„¢ Professional Series combines FDA-approved active ingredients and hemp extract. Formulated with natural emollients that help the active analgesic ingredients penetrate deep to quickly increase blood flow to joints and muscles and interrupt pain signaling. Our CBD Massage deepens your relaxation experience.

60 minutes - $90 $80

90 minutes - $120 $110

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Chakra Balancing is $10 off


Zen Chakra Balancing

Chakras are 7 energy centers located in our body. Channeling the bodies energies, the therapist balances your chakras allowing the body to work at optimal levels, clearing the mind, and opening your intuition and heart. We use Chakra Serums made from essential oils specified for each chakra area. Relaxation, serenity, and balance will encompass you.

45 minutes - $65 $55

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