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ORBiT Real Time Day 2015 : Make it Real

Registration is now open for ORBiT Real Time Day, our premier educational event of the year.

Topics include:
  • Peek into a Sales & Marketing Brokerage
  • Change Management (Go from Ugh! to Aaah...)
  • How Brokers can Own the Commercial Lines Space
  • Insurance and The Internet of Things
  • A Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Look at eSignatures
  • The Digital Landscape
  • Q&A with Carriers and Real Time Experts
  • Plus: Visit our vendor exhibition area
  • Enjoy our breakfast, lunch, and social hour
  • RIBO accreditation
Take advantage of our early bird rates,  register by April 17th.

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ORBiT  Strategy Session

What do you get when 31 engaged, knowledgeable, and passionate insurance professionals gather in a room and put their heads together? ORBiT recently found out by assembling such carriers, brokers, vendors, and others for a strategy session on driving Real Time.


The goals for the day were to share what insurance consumers are saying, look at where we are, consider what our industry is trending to look like in 2024, identify the barriers impeding us, and to come up with a path forward. These goals seemed a little overwhelming, however the calibre of resources brainstorming together proved very fruitful. Everyone shared their perspectives and we landed on a common purpose.


The recurring thread - what drives carrier commitment to developing technology, what enhances the customer experience, what frees up resources for more client contact and marketing - is broker implementation. 


At the end of the day, we agreed upon one project to which we could focus all of our resources: broker implementation has become our one project


A group was formed. We had an initial meeting and are executing an exciting plan. More details will be shared at Real Time Day 2015!

Client Experience Working Group

Renamed to expand our scope beyond the digital realm, the Client Experience working group (formerly Digital Client Experience) has been resurrected with a refined mandate:

  • Develop a strategy
    How to best achieve excellence in client experience
    • Identify helpful touch points
    • Examine where we are today, the gaps, and how to do things differently
    • Consider metrics to evaluate the ideal vs the reality
  • Develop a list of tools/solutions available
    What vendors and carriers are currently offering
  • Develop a wish list
    The areas where we need to see development. With so much out there, this will help us consolidate information
  • Make it happen
    Encourage stakeholders to embrace development

To help us get our heads around this rather large subject, our corporate sponsor IBM is hosting a one-day client experience workshop in late April. It is great partnerships like this that make ORBiT such a great organization for brokers!

The Client Experience working group's next meeting is April 17th. If you'd like to join this or another ORBiT working group, please volunteer today.

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Insurance-Canada Technology Conference Recap
By Wendy Watson, President of ORBiT Canada

I always look forward to the ICTC. The topics are diverse, often provocative, and always informative. More brokers should get involved in this conference.

The panel I hosted this year was titled Broker Marketing Emerges Again. Bill Morris, Navicom, always has his finger on the marketing pulse so we asked him to kick things off by sharing his insights.

The robust digital presences of the brokerages on the panel obviously got Bill's memo and are taking care of business. These forwarding-thinking, action-oriented entrepreneurs were very open with what they're doing, what they've learned, and where they see things going.

Being nimble, paying attention to customers, and investing heavily in marketing is paying off. They are seeing great growth, have highly engaged staff, and a ton of testimonials to back up what they're saying. Nice work, gentlemen!
Attendees of ORBiT's Annual Members' Meeting recently rated Insurance-Canada as their primary source for Real Time information. 

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