We have a Freedom Flight coming up on Saturday, May 20th. On board, there will be more than 30 incredible satos that all have their own stories. One of those satos is a beloved senior named Buddy. And he is flying to New Jersey not to go to a foster home, but to be greeted at the airport by his forever family!

This senior sato was hit by a car but had the fighting desire to survive. Buddy was rescued in Puerto Rico last December after he was spotted walking on the side of the road appearing to be injured. Our Founder and President, Chrissy, and @KeepingFinn found him and lured him with wet dog food. He tested positive for heartworm and his x-rays showed that he had complete fractures in both of his hind legs, suggesting he was run over by a car. 

His x-rays were examined by Dr. Mongil at CEVET in San Juan and he pointed out that the muscles in Buddy's hind legs had severely deteriorated. He believed surgery could worsen the situation, and because it is a huge risk for him to go under anesthesia, he suggested we refrain from operating on him.

He has gone through so much, and we didn't stop looking for a home that would love him as much as we do.

And now we found Buddy's forever family! We are so excited for him and his adoptive family. He is flying on May 20th to Morristown, New Jersey. His family lives in Colorado, and since we don’t transport dogs to the Midwest very often, they agreed to fly to New Jersey. They will rent a car, meet Buddy at the airport, and drive back with him. It's such a heartwarming journey and we couldn't be happier.

Buddy’s mom is so excited for him—she already purchased a personalized collar with his name. The love, excitement, and dedication that this family has for Buddy prove this is the family with whom he was meant to be.

Buddy has been such a great sato in our program and our team will feel his absence when he leaves. He LOVES affection. He goes for walks until he gets tired and comes back for a nap. His favorite part of the day is the end of the last shift. That's when he receives his daily treat and it makes him so joyful.

Thank you to all of our supporters who helped with Buddy's recovery. Because of your support, this senior sato will never have to worry about where to find fresh water and food as he once did while living on the streets. Buddy will always be cared for, loved, and cherished.

On May 20th, Buddy will join 30 other satos in their life-saving Freedom Flight. These dogs all went through our extensive vetting protocol and are placed in homes that we know will be safe for them and filled with love. The life-saving journeys that each of these satos go through are fully funded by our community of supporters like you. CLICK HERE to help fund our life-changing rescue efforts for so many satos.

Help save satos.

Do you live in New York City or in the surrounding area? Come join us in Coney Island for a fun evening of baseball and satos on Tuesday, June 6th. All well-behaved dogs are welcome for a special Bark in the Park event with the Brooklyn Cyclones. A portion of the proceeds of every ticket sale will be donated to our rescue efforts in Puerto Rico. So come enjoy the game with your sato and your family, meet members of our team, and support our mission all at the same time

Click HERE for more information and to book your ticket. We hope to see you there!

Want to make this Mother’s Day special? You can sponsor Luna in our Foster From Afar program. As a virtual foster, you’ll receive a special digital postcard of Luna that you can share with a mother that knows how special it is to have kids/satos. Click this link to foster Luna from afar!

Luna is a mother that was saved from death row. This loving mother was at the municipal shelter in Ponce, Puerto Rico. We recognized her from our clinic held there two months earlier, but something was different—she was heavily pregnant! Soon after we brought her into our program, this 25-pound mom gave birth to a huge litter of ten puppies. She tested positive for heartworm and is going through our extensive heartworm treatment. She and her puppies are doing great.

We are dedicated to giving Luna the best life possible and finding a loving forever home to spend the rest of her life. Until then, Luna is available as a virtual foster through our Foster From Afar program and would love some support until she finds a forever home. This is a great way to support the mums in our program.

As a virtual foster, we’ll also keep you updated on Luna’s progress. Click this link to foster Luna from afar!

Do you know someone who is interested in adopting? Forward this newsletter to them. If they find their soulmate in our program, they will always be grateful that you did. To see all of our adoptable dogs, CLICK HERE.

Help us continue the conversation about stray and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. You can start by forwarding this newsletter to your friends and colleagues. We need every voice we can to speak up for Puerto Rico right now and you can be a big help.

Felix finds his forever family!

Felix, who once roamed the streets of Puerto Rico as a stray, has found his forever home. 

His forever family, Tyler and Alexa, live in New Jersey and it wasn’t long before he got comfortable in his new home. This active, sweet boy is doing great. He's been maintaining his excellent leash skills, going on walks with new friends, and gets lots of exercise (and treats) in the yard.

You may even remember how much Felix loved the dog park in his foster's neighborhood in NYC, and even in his new home, he's still loving the park!

Felix is enjoying cuddling up on the bed with his cozy blanket and the quieter neighborhood, laying on the porch taking in the sun. This gentle sato has found love and care that will stay with him forever. We are so happy for Felix.

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The Sato Project is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico, where there are an estimated 500,000 stray dogs and a combined euthanasia rate of 94% across all municipal shelters. In 10 years, we have rescued 6,500 dogs, rehabilitated them with the highest standards of veterinary care, and found them loving homes on the mainland U.S. We are also working to make permanent change on the island through community outreach and no-cost spay/neuter and vaccine programs.
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