Help others build a beautiful life with L'BRI
Hostess credits can be used by anybody who joins in January - and now in February too!
That's right! This opportunity has been extended!
Even February hostesses can take advantage of this offer!  
If you have customers who have NEVER hosted a Show, let them know that the hostess credits they earn in January - or even in February - can be applied toward the cost of their Starter Kit - as long as they close the Show before the deadline and choose their Starter Kit in January or February.  
This truly is an amazing opportunity for anybody who wants to kick off 2019 sharing the products they love and earning extra income doing it!  
Unspent hostess credits = easy decision to join L'BRI
How many hostesses do you know who have hostess credits just waiting for them to use? Do they have $99 worth? $299?  
Even an extra $20 of unspent hostess credits can go toward making an exciting decision that could change their life!   
Use those credits NOW!  
Let them know that they can use those credits to join your team in January or February. But that they need to take advantage of this option NOW because it's not exactly something that happens everyday - even at L'BRI! 
Plus, anybody who joins your team in January and chooses the Deluxe Starter Kit will be treated to a product bonus valued at $44.90! How great is that?    

For additional information on using hostess credits toward a Starter Kit in January OR February, check out these updated FAQs in the Business Center.  
The option to use hostess credits offer began on January 1 and will be available through February 28. An email with links to the sign-up form will be sent to your customers soon.  
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