For the  parents and families of St. Therese Chinese Catholic School

Dear Parents,

The steady dropping of temperatures reminds us that we are well on our way to fall weather. Our students are immersed in their school work, including preparing for this year's Curriculum Fair. I look forward to seeing what interesting projects our students will complete this year. 

November is an important month for parent involvement.  Below is a list of important dates for parents to keep in mind: 
  • Wednesday, November 15th 5:30-6:30pm in the school basement. Dr. Meg Carroll will be presenting on How to Support Your Child Living a Balanced Life. Those who have seen Dr. Carroll speak know she offers great wisdom that parents tell us is very helpful at home.
  • Sunday, November 19th 9:00-10:00am in the St. Therese Parish Community Room. Parents will also have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Thomas Howard about how parents can help their children manage peer pressure.
NOTE: The Parent Talk on the ACT Aspire has been RESCHEDULED to Tuesday, November 28th (5:30-6:30) in the school basement. Dr. Dan and I will not only share our Aspire results but also discuss how the Aspire, ACT, SAT, and a St. Therese education support your child's college and career readiness. We are updating our presentation based on new information I learned at an ACT conference this week. We look forward to sharing some very useful information with our families. 

Be on the lookout for upcoming news about tax credit scholarship information. We share this information as we receive it as it will affect many of our school parents. Stay tuned.

Ms. Cavallone

Join us for our next informative session in our Parent Talk Series 

How to Support Your Child Living a Balanced Life 
Dr. Meg Carroll, St. Xavier University

Wednesday, November 15th 5:30-6:30pm

Dr. Dan Foertsch and Ms. Cavallone will present an informative workshop on STCCS Aspire results, how to read and interpret the Interim scores, and what to expect with the ACT and SAT.

Our Parent Talk on the Aspire, ACT, and SAT: Understanding College and Career Readiness has been rescheduled for Tuesday, November 28th 5:30-6:30 pm in the school basement. 

Congratulations to Our Early Bird Drawing Winner!

Preschooler Aiden Jiang and his mother are the winners of the 
50-50 Raffle Early Bird Drawing!

Aidan is proudly showing the ticket that won his family $1,000! This ticket will be entered into the GRAND RAFFLE DRAWING on Monday, December 18th. 

A limited amount of tickets are sold and they're going fast, so get them while you can!  P urchase yours online or in the school office for the chance to 

Students Explore the Theme of Peace

October's Month-long Theme was "Peace." Each class explored the theme in many different ways including:
  • 3rd and 4th graders had a Good Deed Certificate Project
  • 5th though 8th graders learned the Franciscan pledge for civility in discourse (Speaking with kindness, humility and love for others)
  • 6th through 8th graders submitted writing to the Maryknoll Peace Essay Contest
  • The school held an Anti-Bullying seminar
Also, all of the students learned a Spanish song by songwriter Brett Dennen called "La Paz," which a group of our students also beautifully performed at the Family Mass.
The lyrics to La Paz include:

"We are the children, we are the future.

We want peace. 

We will have peace.

We work for peace... 

We have minds...we think about peace...

We have hearts...we feel peace

We have souls...we are peace

Peace will come. 

Peace will come."
In and Around the Classrooms This Month

Our 1st graders enjoyed a visit from our visiting Tech Expert Kristin Ziemke this month. Ms. Ziemke showed the students how to create books and record narration. 

Our 8th graders are working on a Genetics Unit. The students completed a Halloween Genetics Worksheet and had a lot of fun while testing their knowledge of genetics. Parents and family members: Can you solve one of these Genetics questions our 8th graders tackled in class this week?
  1. Red candies are dominant and white candies are recessive. Cross a homozygous dominant red candy with a heterozygous red candy.

    Show the cross and Punnett square and give phenotype and genotype ratios.
  2. Draculosis is a sex-linked recessive disorder. It causes extreme sensitivity to sunlight which can be fatal and a host of Dracula behaviors. Use a cross and Punnnett square to determine the probability of all offspring that a Draculosis male and homozygous normal woman will produce a carrier daughter.

    Write the phenotype ration for the scary offspring.
First Fall Family Fest Enjoyed By All 
Preschool through 2nd grade students, staff, and their families gathered on Friday, October 27th at our first Fall Family Fest. Face painting, pumpkin decorating, costumes and a jumpy house were among the many highlights of this fun event. It was such a hit that we are looking into ways to create future special events for our students and their families!

We have posted some great photos on our School Photo Gallery and invite you to check them out!

Odyssey Fun Farm a Hit With Our Younger Students

The students in preschool through 4th grade escaped the city to enjoy some fall fun in the country at the Odyssey Fun Farm. With rain on the Early Childhood field trip day, a little detour to an indoor playground added to the excitement.  Check out the  School Family Photo Gallery  on the Family Section of the School Website to see more fun photos of this year's outings.

Ready to retire that Halloween Costume?

Rather than tossing out gently-worn Princess or Harry Potter costumes, why not consider donating it to the school to be used in our imaginative play areas?

We welcome donations of clean, gently-used costumes to be added to our Early Childhood Classrooms so our youngest learners can continue to learn and explore through imagination and role playing.
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