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We envision a community where all people are empowered with information and have access to resources which increase their opportunities for success.
Hallie Lundon, newsletter editor
Cataract Correction Surgery
Coming Soon for our Client
By Marioly Soto, CRC Program Coordinator

Imagine having no insurance, desperately needing cataract surgery you cannot afford and not knowing where to turn? That’s what happened to the 76-year-old, retired woman who recently contacted the Collier Resource Center for assistance. *Barbara called wondering if we knew of doctors who might be able to help with the cost of the operation. I provided her with the contact information of organizations that help with cataract surgeries for people in need. Barbara contacted the organizations to request an appointment but had not heard back from them. So, I called Bonita Springs Eye Clinic, which offers free eye exams for citizens and explained Barbara’s situation. They told me she may qualify for their program, but she must call them. Immediately, I called Barbara and encouraged her to promptly get in touch with them. Following a visit to their office, they determined that she, indeed, is eligible for the critical surgery! There is a 3-month waiting period, but she will be able to have her surgery. Barbara is thrilled that she can soon have this much-needed procedure. I assured her that CRC is here for her for any future needs. She said, “Thank you again for all your help. You make me feel special and important. I greatly appreciate it.” 

Mission accomplished:  CRC found much-needed medical services for Barbara. This type of assistance cannot be accomplished with a call-in line that simply provides contact information and referrals. Case management and advocacy are an integral part of connecting clients to health and human services in Collier County.

*Name and photo changed for privacy
Collier Resource Center Heroes
Moorings Park Foundation
The Moorings Park Foundation generously granted $25,000 for client outreach! The goal is to connect with more clients in need. We know there are more people who would benefit from our services and we want to reach them. This strategic outreach initiative will allow us to reach prospective clients where they work, worship and recreate. The funds will allow us to purchase TV, radio, magazine and newspaper ads to let more people know CRC is ready and able to help. We also plan to post information where those who need assistance will see it - in places like laundromats, convenience stores and labor pool sites. Additionally, the Hunger and Homeless Coalition of Collier County visits homeless camps and gives the people living there our contact information. We will continue our outreach by connecting with our nonprofit colleagues. If anyone has suggestions of other places where we can achieve our outreach goals, please let us know. We are enormously grateful for this generous support. The Moorings Park Foundation grant is earmarked specifically for client outreach and cannot be used for operations; therefore, we will continue to seek donations for critical operating support. 
Alan M. Horton, chair, Moorings Park Foundation:
“Anyone serving a needy person or family in the wake of a crisis, disaster or pandemic often finds a family lacking the resources and knowledge to reach out simultaneously to multiple providers, and then coordinate and oversee badly needed help for as long as it takes.
The Moorings Park Foundation is delighted to award a grant to the Collier Resource Center which trains and dispatches volunteers to be those expert helpers who have an impressive record in achieving good outcomes for their clients. The community needs more of these caring ‘case workers.’ We are proud to help the CRC add more of them.”  
Soukup Strategic Solutions
Soukup Strategic Solutions, a nonprofit consulting firm, has been hired to implement the outreach plan. Sheryl Soukup is the founder/owner of Soukup Strategic Solutions and is a former CRC board member. She is passionate about our organization and its success. 
Community Foundation of Collier County
Special thanks to the Community Foundation of Collier County for providing a grant for Covid-19 relief. Our heartfelt appreciation to CFCC for assisting CRC. 

  • The increase in clients highlighted how our old laptop was limping along. Some of the keys did not work properly and we had so much information to record. CFCC sought three donors to pool funds and we received a $1,000 check to purchase a new laptop which included the tech support to get it up and running.

  • Another grant provided $1500 toward general operating expenses during Covid times.

  • Anticipating a return to our office and with Marioly and the volunteers being very busy, we requested an iPad Air. That request was approved and we received $650 for that purchase.
Soon after the pandemic began, the Jewish Federation of Greater Naples surprised CRC with a much appreciated $2,500 donation.

The Moorings Presbyterian Women’s organization sent nearly $700 to CRC! We are grateful for their continued generosity.

The Paycheck Protection Program provided funds to businesses to enable them to retain their employees during these challenging Covid-19 times. CRC qualified and received funding.

Our heartfelt appreciation always goes to our faithful donors who continue to understand the needs of this community and generously support our mission.

Charles Dickens summed it up perfectly. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Our gratitude is enormous for all who cared and shared their bounty with Collier Resource Center during these times.
Life looks different during the pandemic, for both clients and the Collier Resource Center
In a time when so many Collier County residents have found themselves with an increased need for help, the CRC had to furlough our volunteers to keep them safe during the pandemic. To stay connected and engaged, our volunteers meet each month safely outside at Cambier Park.

Marioly has been busy during the pandemic, working remotely since March, and dutifully meeting the demand of connecting clients while providing advocacy and case management. We look forward to reuniting the team in our new office as soon as possible.
Angels Abound
The Artesia Angels saw a need and filled it. This wonderful group sews masks for non-profits and they reached out to CRC to make beautiful masks for all our volunteers. What a labor of love! Thank you, Angels.
Speaking of angels, the CRC is fortunate to have two more: Brad and Caroll Scribner. Following their generous donation to Healthcare Network on behalf of CRC, our office in Healthcare Network’s new Nichols Community Health Center is named for them. We eagerly await the time when we can meet in this beautiful new medical building and show off our office. Thank you angelic Scribners for your generous donation.
We thank Healthcare Network, our guardian angel. For the past five years, they have and continue to offer CRC free office space, utilities and general support. Our largest referral source is Healthcare Network and we are honored to assist their patients. 
High Touch more then High Tech
At CRC, we pride ourselves in providing the human touch. When our clients call or visit, they are immediately connected with a supportive member of our team. It is more than dialing a number and pressing “2” for more information. Instead, we connect them with a knowledgeable and compassionate person who will take all the necessary steps to help resolve their issues. The process of advocacy and case management begins as we immediately help navigate the maze of health and human services available in Collier County. We provide care, compassion, and necessary time for each client and strive to alleviate their stress.
The hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. 
We envision a community where all people are empowered with information and have access to resources which increase their opportunities for success. 

Your gift can make this vision a reality.
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