PortSide experiences for you! Intro to our cat Chiclet. 
The AMISTAD alongside the MARY A. WHALEN in 2018.

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July 20, 2019

It was great to meet you via Formula E. Thanks for signing up for our newsletters.  If you expressed interest in volunteering, please check out our webpage VOLUNTEER, and stand by for updates.

Here's your intro to PortSide!

Our historic ship MARY A. WHALEN is docked right near where we met you. You might have seen her across the water to the right as you walked out of the eVillage in the Cruise Terminal.

She is a retired oil tanker, so we use "tanker" in the name of many of our programs.  

You can come enjoy the main deck of the ship for  TankerTime  during the day 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, and during a special evening communal potluck party called Second Sundays TankerTime from 6pm to midnight.  The July Second Sundays is actually tomorrow 7/21; because we were closed last weekend due to Formula E.   Since tomorrow is going to be a hot day, we recommend arriving no earlier than 7:30pm.  Even on a hot day, just before sunset, if there is a breeze, it is lovely on deck at night.

The historic ship AMISTAD is coming from July 31 to August 6 and will tie up next to the MARY A. WHALEN the way she did last year. The AMISTAD will be open for ship tours during the day and PortSide will have a small exhibit about African American Maritime History on our ship at the same time.  The schedule will be posted soon on our CALENDAR page. 

Below are some photos from recent programs, and you can find the archive of our newsletters on our webpage NEWSLETTERS

Welcome aboard! 
Carolina Salguero
Founder & President

ZAZ not all, folks!  Support for PortSide continues to grow

Backstage with superstar ZAZ

C'est fantastique!   ZAZ, the #1 French language singer in the world, is promoting PortSide!  She supports nonprofits working on education and sustainability and selects just one at each city during her world tours.  We are her 1st in the USA!  Our founder Carolina Salguero spoke on stage during ZAZ's NYC concert, and our crew networked with fans before and after the show.  

People are reaching out to offer help with fundraisers. Care to join this group of local businesses, educators, event planners, and activists and party for a cause? Contact us today.

Program Updates
Carolina Salguero, right, is honored as a Waterfront Hero by City Lore.

The best way to stay up to date on our activities is to follow our social media. Our Facebook page Mary A. Whalen triggers lively interaction, so it's the best portal. We are on Twitter and Instagram too. 

Our Founder and President Carolina Salguero is being honored as a Waterfront Hero by City Lore. You can see the related Waterfront Heroes exhibit
on the Museum Barge in Red Hook.  The Barge is at the south end of Conover Street near Fairway.  We are at the north end of Conover in Atlantic Basin, next to NYC Ferry.

Our work with The Red Hook Neighborhood School PS 676 this past school year had impact! And was loved by the students.  PS 676 is now looking into becoming a marine, maritime and STEAM themed school, an idea seeded by programs with PortSide.  Stay tuned for outreach meetings planned by PS 676 this summer. 

PortSide has been very involved with advocating for Summit Academy, a Red Hook charter school, as part of the coalition that prevented its closure.

More in the photos below.
Chiclet Check
Chiclet is our bonafide Brooklyn ship cat. So, what's she been up to?

Chiclet has become a key actor in our shipboard programs with the Red Hook Neighborhood School (PS 676). She has been writing a memoir we are using to help teach reading to the 1st grade.  She comes out to visit these students every time they come.  Check her out in action in a video here.  
Gallery: Spring Highlights

Oysters Plus curriculum: Showing students fish that we caught alongside our ship.

Our new friend. We are helping a seagull that is missing half its right wing.

Brooklyn Collaborative School during their annual day of community service.

Rain drove May's Second Sundays TankerTime down below.

Program with pre-K Red Hook Play Group. Explaining the Red Hook Container Terminal. Our site has many maritime teaching resources.

We labelled each piece of deck plate in the engine room, lifted them all out, and brought them to District Council 9 for sandblasting and painting. 

Trainees in District Council 9's Metal Polishing division working on our portlights.  We brought the fidley skylights with 16 portlights along with the engine room deck plate.  Thanks DC9 for this work!

PortSide NewYork is a living lab for better urban waterways. 
We also bring WaterStories to life. 

PortSide brings the communities ashore and afloat together, 
for the benefit of all.
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