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Happy New Year to all of our customers out there! I'm sure all of you have set your resolutions and, if you are like me, are struggling to keep them going after a month of staying as strong as I can!  Did you set a resolution to take better care of your vehicle(s)? This newsletter will be your saving grace.  Every month Enneking Auto Body will fill your inbox with tips, tricks and safety information to help you keep your vehicle running like new.
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Do you know what do in case of an accident?
Just watch this short video to find out!
Watch this short video to find out.
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Snow packed wheel well
A Tip from the Pros
   When the next snow storm hits, be sure to clean out your wheel wells.  The buildup can put too much pressure on your wheels causing them to shift out of balance. This will result in a shimmy or shake as you drive. 
Employee Spotlight:
Austin Roell
Position: Customer Service Representative
Time @ EAB6.5 years
Years of Experience: 7.5
Favorite Team: Bengals & Reds
Hobby: Hunting
We Want YOU_
Positions Available:
The Greensburg location is looking for a head detailer.  

We are always taking applications for all positions.
Joe and Karen
As always, thank you to all our loyal customers out there. We wouldn't be here if we didn't have you!
God bless and safe travels,  
Joe and Karen Enneking
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