Greater Boston CMG Event
Performance Engineering and Capacity Meetup

Engineer your Apps for the Cloud

February 21 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET

During this event, we will discuss your Modern Day performance engineering needs.

During our first talk at 6:30 PM, Deepak Mahendarkar will talk about Executable Project Methodologies for Cloud. D eepak Mahendarkar is CTO of Maniksoft, Inc and oversees service delivery & IT strategy execution for its various clients. Maniksoft is AWS technology partner and provides IT consulting & staff augmentation services. His talk will encompass Devops, Executable project Methology for Cloud (AWS)

At 7:30 PM, David Soares Cloud Architect of FacilityConnex, Inc. - will talk about Scaling and cost management beyond basic cloud Iaa. FaciltiyConnex’s SaaS offering is currently built upon legacy (GE Proficy) software which is hosted in AWS EC2. The company is moving in the direction of a cloud-centric architecture to take advantage of the real-time scalability and cost savings it can provide. This talk will cover the continuum of services offered in the cloud, from virtual (yet traditional) datacenters all the way to “serverless” computing, and our journey along that continuum with regards to scalability and cost.
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