Greater Dallas AFP Newsletter February 2021
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  • President's Message
  • February Educational Program with Laura Fredricks
  • Legislative Alert for Nonprofits
  • Congratulations, CFREs!
President's Message
Paul Dunne
BIG, nice shoes…

As I was writing my message for the Greater Dallas AFP monthly newsletter, I knew that I wanted to take the majority of my column to thank our past president, Shawn Wills. Imagine my surprise as I began to type and suddenly looked up to see my friend on the local NBC morning news. Shawn was sharing as one of the co-founders of The Village Giving Circle ( of the Texas Women’s Foundation. It was then that I realized I have some BIG shoes to fill. Not just Shawn's, but all those past presidents that I have been fortunate to learn and receive guidance from. These BIG shoes to fill loomed even larger after our January board meeting, when I had to keep my excitement in check just thinking about the amazing members that are going to serve our chapter for the upcoming year. 

2020 was a (insert your adjective of choice here) year and we still have challenges ahead. But I am encouraged by the words of Samuel Johnson, who said, “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” Let’s all get ready to thrive in 2021 by putting on some BIG shoes like those who have led the Greater Dallas Chapter before us.

Paul Dunne, CFRE
Greater Dallas AFP President 2021
February Program with Laura Fredricks
February 24, 2021 Program
Raising Money in Turbulent Times:
What Worked, What Didn't, What to Keep, and What to Throw Away

What do we continue to learn and what continues to serve our fundraising programs? What did we learn that we really could do without? This new session aimed at our shared experiences as fundraisers over the past year will set you on a course for sustainable success that takes less work and time. Let's get 2021 and beyond right! 

Laura Fredricks, JD, is the billion dollar ASK maker powerhouse, who, as CEO and Founder of THE ASK, trains and coaches individuals, businesses and nonprofits on how to ask for and get exactly what you want, even now in the stressful times. She is the first to combine the most trusted professions, law and philanthropy, to help organizations nationwide find their individual paths, attract new supporters and investors, and feel amazing during this journey. As a New York City AFP Chamberlain Award recipient, she is no stranger to Dallas and its neighbor, the Fort Worth Metro Chapter AFP. Her latest book, THE ASK: For Business, For Philanthropy, For Everyday Living, has sold more copies this year than ever before because asks and communications are moving at a rapid pace

Members and non-members welcome, discounted rates for young professionals age 30 and under.
Register now, we will send you login credentials for the meeting by Monday, February 22.

Thanks to Catapult Fundraising for hosting this online program!
Legislative Action Alert for Nonprofits
The National Council of Nonprofits has written a sign-on letter addressed to President Biden and the Congressional leadership. AFP supports this letter and has signed as a nonprofit organization.
The letter asks for four actions by Congress for the next stimulus package:
  1. Provide nonprofit specific relief (grants, loans, tax credits) for nonprofits of all sizes (lift the 500 employee cap) and remove unneeded barriers to access (25% decline of gross receipts for PPP second draw loans).
  2. Extend and increase the above-the-line charitable deduction ($300 individual/$600 couples) from the CARES Act.
  3. 100% payment of COVID-19 unemployment claims for nonprofits that directly reimburse states for claims instead of paying unemployment insurance premiums (includes members of unemployment trusts).
  4. Funding for state and local governments to prevent layoffs, cuts to government programs, and cost shifting to nonprofits. 
Legislation could be moving in the Senate as early as this week. AFP encourages you to review the letter that will be delivered to the President and Congressional leaders on behalf of all nonprofit organizations. We hope you will join AFP in encouraging Congress to take effective action to empower nonprofits to provide relief to our communities by signing the letter here.
Welcome, New Members!
Teamwork photo
  • Jill Brunner, ALS Association of Texas
  • Lauren Camin-Calixto
  • Carreen Carson, Dallas Leadership Foundation
  • Kiana Cornish, Dallas Leadership Foundation
  • Dexter Evans
  • Caitlin Hardegree, Metrocrest Services
  • Susan Holmes, Greenhill School
Thanks to Our Renewing Members
  • Tiffany Anderson, Gladney Center for Adoption
  • Carol Bieler, Children's Medical Center Foundation
  • Bill Braem, Children's Medical Center Foundation
  • Stephanie Brigger, CFRE, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
  • Devon Briggs, Children's Medical Center Foundation
  • Nicole Binkley, CFRE, Metrocrest Services
  • Debra Burns, SPCA of Texas
  • Lisa Bury, CFRE
  • Tina Corbett, CASA of Denton County
  • Suzanne Harrison, Children's Medical Center Foundation
  • Laura Hayes, CFRE
  • Shirley Heitzman, Faith Family Academy Charter Schools
  • Andrea Hernandez, National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Linda Johnson, LIFT Literacy Instruction for Texas
  • Kristina Jones, CFRE, Civil Air Patrol
  • Robin Miller, Operation Homefront
  • Deborah Montonen, CFRE, Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center
  • Timothy Moore, Children's Medical Center Foundation
  • Veronica Moreno, CFRE, University of Dallas
  • Andrea Statman, Legacy Senior COmmunities
  • Charmin Taylor, Children's Medical Center Foundation
  • Linda Wassenich, CFRE
  • Shawn Wills, CFRE, Women's Business Council SW
  • Nancy Wolff, American Heart Association
Congratulations, New and Recertifying CRFEs
If you've earned your CFRE or been recertified recently and want to share the great news, let us know!