July 2019

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Readers Questions:
Katie Lisbon Weight Loss Counselor
How do I know which diet or weight loss program to try with so many of them out there?
Weight loss tends come and go as often as the seasons. Too often, individuals rely on these new ideas to produce different results from their previous attempts. Leaving these individuals in a discouraging cycle of yo-yoing. 
The only way to break this cycle is to "be the change." You must commit to a change of lifestyle that is suitable to your needs and understand there is no finish line. The habits you are building are just that, Life-long habits.
There's no shame in trying new things, just to change up the routine now and again. But real success comes from pairing with a counselor/accountability partner that understands your needs and can guide you through your success. While teaching you the fundamentals in creating a healthy lifestyle. 

"Claiming Your Independence"
"Life is what happens while we're busy worrying about everything we need to change or accomplish. Slow down, get mindful, and try to enjoy the moment. 
The moment is your life."
 - Lori Deschene

What went through your mind while you read that quote? Did you take it as another task to complete, or, did it make you pause?

How often do you feel yourself being pulled every which direction and your left in a continuous cycle of "reactions" instead of mindful decisions?

There's no time like the present to live mindful and enjoy every minute of the life you posses. Start by claiming your independence from the daily hustle and following these best practices.

Practice Gratitude
Even when you feel like you have nothing to be grateful for, take a moment to appreciate the good with the bad. Even moments of hardship pave the way towards are greatest moments in life and offer us the most opportunity to grow as individuals. 

Don't Stress Over Little Nonsense
If every moment was wasted on stressing over every little thing we would always be stressed out. Remember all things are temporary. Its easier to let little frustrations roll on by and not pay them a second thought. Save your energy for what really counts. 

Spend Time Wisely
Real happiness come from using your time in a way that feels authentic and meaningful. Enjoy the little pleasures life has to offer while investing the majority of your day in something that brings you joy. But most of all, don't forget about yourself. Self-care is the key to quality living and a bountiful life of good health.
"At Greater Orlando Medical Weight Loss 
we guide and educate patients through their journey to regaining optimal health. We do this by one on one individualized support with a medically supervised plan designed to include all the essential nutrition for a balanced lifestyle."


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