Greatest Hits of 2017


2017 has been an eventful year for Sunlight.  We began the year with some apprehension. All the great potential we felt seemed to be held back by barriers we could not clearly identify.  When potential goes unfulfilled for too long you start to question everything.  Waiting patiently on God can be difficult. I've seen organizations come apart when they could not stay the course through the natural ebbs and flows that the Kingdom journey brings.  Sunlight stayed the course.  We remained faithful.  Our Frontline Teams, Worship Team, Prayer Team, Children's Teams, Youth Team, Discipling Teams...all kept showing up and fulfilling their calling to the glory of God. 


As the year progressed we began to see God open doors: 

  1. Bags: Early in the year we gathered for a night of fun!  Our youth group and lots of families showed up for a night of fun and dessert.  How does  throwing a bag filled with beans through a "corn hole" shift momentum?  I don't know, maybe it doesn't but, but having fun together builds community and those relationships are the fabric that God uses to build His church.
  2. CROS Summer Camp again filled our halls with children.  We began to see a vision of the diverse families God wanted us to serve in this community.
  3. Fresh Look: Our Summer Camp families donated paint, labor and supplies to give our facility a much needed fresh coat of paint.  This seems like a small item in the grand scheme of things but it is amazing how a fresh coat of paint  can make things look brighter, physically and emotionally!
  4. Sunlight Christian Academy opened its doors!  The day before our opening inspection we had 4 kids and one dropped out.  We could not open the doors with only 3 children.  The day of the inspection God brought the 4th child needed to launch.  It was His way of reminding us that all of this is in His hands.  Today we have 10 children, join us in continuing to pray for more.
  5. New families began to attend weekend worship.  New people bring fresh gifts and fresh perspective. 
  6. The Fa
    ll Festival rallied our church family to serve in unique ways as we gave ourselves to our community. It also brought our church and preschool into a closer relationship.
  7. Blessing Bags were gathered (see pic above) to serve those in need in our community.  Our church family brought a host of hygiene items to give away. Something really good happens in us when we give to someone and expect nothing in return.

These are certainly not all the highlights of 2017.  The life change that happens in small groups, the light that goes on in someone's heart when they hear the Good News of Jesus in a way that finally clicks, the decision to pray each morning, the victory over recurrent sin in someone's life, and the friendship forged across cultural barriers, these are all things that go on behind the scenes. These are the Kingdom advances that we pray for as we toss corn hole and serve shave ice.


We leave 2017 praising God for His faithfulness!  What started out slow is gaining ground and moving forward.  We have seen His hand clearly at work and we give Him all the credit.  Thanks for your prayers.  God is responding to your faithful prayers and He is doing good things.


If you would like to give a year end gift to the work of Sunlight Lake Worth you can do so by clicking on the "Donate" link:  DONATE We are currently dependent on outside support to meet the needs of our ministry.  Your gift, no matter how great or small, will make a difference!

Shaping the Future
The neighborhood around our church is a very unique mix.  There are expensive, well kept homes next to homes that are in desperate need of TLC. There are young families and retired folks living side by side. There is poverty and there is extreme wealth. There are Haitian, Latino and Caucasian walking their dogs down the same sidewalks. There is also a drug problem that is reaching epidemic proportions, with the drugs comes prostitution and theft. As a church on mission to our community we want to make a difference. Where do we start? There are many answers to that question but for us, at this time, God has directed us to start right here in the faces of the children in this picture.  

If we can work with parents to lead these children to God's grace, then the future of our community begins to look different.  We begin to impact the challenges of our neighborhoods by giving children the tools they need to build God's Kingdom in their lives.

Working with young children is not a quick fix to our community's challenges.  But it does emphasize a few important Kingdom principles:
  1. Change takes time: These little ones may not make a significant impact on our community for some years yet.  But if we can introduce them to Christ when they are young it is so much more likely to have a large and lasting in impact on their lives and our community.
  2. Train up a Child: The influences that shape our childhood have the potential to form our whole lives. If we can be a small part of leaving an eternal imprint of God's grace on the life of a child, we really can bless this city!
  3. Schools at the Center: Reggie McNeal says that every problem that a community has can be found in it's schools.  If we can make a difference in the lives of students we can make a difference in our community.
  4. Final Answer: Jesus. I don't mean this to sound trite and simplistic.  Following Jesus is anything but.  However, the journey of understanding the teachings, life and work of Jesus Christ really is the answer to every problem.  The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ brings healing, justice, peace and so much more to our world.  He stands at the core of all that we do and He compels us to work for love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control in all that we do!
As I sit on the floor and do "chapel" with our preschool kids each Wednesday I come to the end of the story and ask for prayer requests.  I get the same ones every time: "Dollar Tree (she loves to shop!), Unicorns, Trees, Rainbows, Toys..." But this week one of the kids said, "The Fruit of the Spirit!" Then all the kids chimed in and listed them: "Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control."  Knowing these Fruits of the Spirit is a first step toward a transformed life. 

Lord, help us live in the power of your Spirit and may our lives bear the fruit that comes from your Spirit. Amen!
Praise & Prayer
  • Pray as we continue the search for a worship leader and praise for a great team of folks who are stepping up in the interim.
  • Pray for financial support as we do not have the means yet to be self-supporting.
  • Pray for the VanKalker and Bom family as Ted VanKalker passed away on Sunday.  The funeral will be at church on Friday at 10 AM.
  • Pray for a new preschool teacher to work with our growing preschool.
  • Pray that we continue to build good relationships with our preschool families.
  • Praise for new faces in our weekend worship services.
  • Pray for our Alpha Study Series that will be launched in January. Pray that many will learn the foundations of Christianity in this course. 
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