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February, 2022 - a good month to LOVE your Earth!
White Paint that's...Green!
Purdue University scientists have developed a paint so white it reflects 98% of the solar radiation--and that means cooler buildings in summer and less need to run the air conditioner.
The new paint also won a spot in the latest Guinness Book of World Records!
Professor Xiulin Ruan and his graduate students have created a white paint that may save energy.
Quick Energy Saving Tips:
Try Dryer Balls
Trying dryer balls can help you save in two ways: your clothes may dry faster as the wool absorbs moisture and helps keep laundry from clumping. With a drop or two of natural fragrance oil, they also eliminate the need for dryer sheets.

Dryer sheets add chemical fragrance via plastics which stick to your lint filter and your clothes. It causes lint build-up and makes it harder for stains to be washed out of clothes! Those fragrances may also upset pollinators when they waft outside through the vent. So skip the dryer sheets!
Most homes have more than one kind of bulb in use. Some of them contain dangerous chemicals which should never be tossed in the trash.
Learn how to dispose of bulbs the "bright" way!
Visit our blog post: B - is for Bulbs
Did you know... sugar-beet juice is being used to to reduce the amount of road salt used by 70%? Beet juice lowers the freezing point of water which makes road salt more effective. Using less road salt reduces pollution in groundwater and minimizes damage to our eco-systems. 
You can purchase beet-juice salt melt for home use also! Read more about it.
2022 Sustainable Design Challenge
Registration Now Open!
SCARCE invites local high school students to design creative, earth-friendly buildings then speak with professionals about real-life green practices.

Students from any school serving DuPage Co. can enter the April 5th event. This year the event will be offered hybrid--both in-person and virtual.

E-Cigarettes are Hazardous Waste
Don't toss e-cigarettes in the trash! Nicotine is an acute hazardous waste.

E-cigarettes are now being accepted at the Regional HHW Facility in Naperville.

Upcoming Eco-Events
SCARCE Events - Mark Your Calendar!
SCARCE-LY USED Books & Records @ SCARCE Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm, Sat 9am-noon

SCARCE OPEN Presidents' Day - Monday, February 21
OPEN during Spring Break. Stop by and say hello!
A "Green Star" Thank You to Businesses who donated supplies to our Rescue Projects this month!

  • Ace Hardware, Oak Brook
  • Domtar, Addison
  • Kesson, Aurora
  • Westbridge, Wheaton
  • Whole Foods, Wheaton
  • Viking Electric, Addison
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