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January 2023
January: Looking Back, Looking Ahead.
January is a good month to pause and consider--what have you done this past year? Where are you headed in the coming year?

Here at SCARCE, we're looking at the impact of some of our projects from Jan - Nov 2022:

  • Paper & Cardboard Recycling 337.91 tons collected -- That's 5,415 trees saved!
  • Scrap Metal Recycling 5.213 tons collected
  • Pumpkins Composted 223.29 tons collected
  • Cooking Oil Recycling 308.5 gallons collected -- That's 1.173 tons of oil!

By coordinating these projects, SCARCE diverted 568 tons of materials from landfills, saving 2,522,957 gallons of water and 1,632,681 kWh of energy.

That's the same as preventing 2,872,042 miles of driving by an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle. And, that's just the impact from a few of our projects!
ABC's of Smart Recycling Celebrates One Year!
This Month--M is for 'MRF'
We've done an entire year's worth of learning about recycling and we are ready for another year.

This month, it's letter M for 'MRF' or 'murf.'

Take a trip to a Materials Recovery Facility, the place where single-stream recycling is sorted, and find out how your blue bin helps with recyclable recovery.

You'll also learn the number one thing you can do to help keep the MRF working for all of us.

Take it Easy On the Salt
January means ice and snow, but too much salt damages cars, plants and wetlands. Did you know that a single coffee cup (or about 12 ounces) is enough to melt 500 square feet of ice?

Remember to shovel first, and if it's colder than 15 degrees Fahrenheit--skip the salt! Salt won't melt when it's that cold. Read More About How to Salt Smart

Webinar on Detention Basin Maintenance
Did you know detention basins need regular upkeep to function properly? In this webinar, Mary Beth Falsey, a Water Quality Supervisor from DuPage County Stormwater Management, will advise on best practices for routine maintenance, as well as common problems and solutions to keep your detention basin in good repair. Potential funding sources for larger projects will also be discussed!

Thursday, January 12 at 12noon-1pm
Green Tips for January
Holiday String Lights are coming down. If yours have burned out, don't throw them out! Recycle those light strings at a DuPage County recycling site, or bring them to SCARCE.

Program partner:
Elgin Recycling
Natural Christmas trees can be placed out for curbside pick-up in many areas during January. Remember to remove all decorations, including bows, lights and tinsel. (Photo: Addison Township Christmas Tree Drop Off area)

No fake trees and no bags, please!
New Law for Illinois Smoke Detectors
Beginning January 1, smoke detectors must have a "self-contained, non-removable, long term battery" or be "electronically connected" to an alarm system. Old detectors can stay in place for 10 years from the time they were manufactured. After that, they must be removed and replaced according to the new law. Read more here.

Remember: many smoke detectors contain a small amount of radioactive materials. Do NOT toss them in the trash.

Thanks to the DuPage Foundation, SCARCE can accept residential smoke detectors by appointment for a small fee. Email us at info@scarce.org for details.
April 18, 2023

Calling all DuPage County high school students! Here's your chance to design a sustainable building, tour a building designed to LEED specifications, and explore career opportunities.

Recycling Events
Environmental Events - Mark Your Calendar!
January 22
Forest Preserve District of DuPage County
March 3
Includes a guided tour at the DuPage County Water Commission
SCARCE-LY USED Books & Records @ SCARCE Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm, Sat 9am-12pm
Thank You to Businesses
A special thank you to businesses who donated supplies and/or services to SCARCE this month!

  • Ivy Restaurant, Wheaton
  • NOW Foods, Bloomingdale
  • Ryan Shreve, Revo Wired Webservices
  • Whole Cubes, Addison
  • Whole Foods, Wheaton
Volunteers Organize Books for Kids

Don and Jay are keeping SCARCE in tip top shape! They organized books now available in our Reuse Center and SCARCE-LY USED Resale Shop.

Thank you for helping us to keep new and gently used books out of the landfill, so we can provide them to children in our community!
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