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October 2022
How DO you fix a broken jack o' lantern? With a PUMPKIN PATCH!
Clean Water Act 50th Anniversary
The U.S. Clean Water Act was passed in 1972, 50 years ago, out of growing awareness of the effects of water pollution on people and the planet. Learn more about the history of the Clean Water Act on the EPA website, or dive in deeper at EPA Watershed academy.

In honor of this milestone, on Wednesday, October 26, SCARCE and DuPage County Stormwater Management are teaming up to present a webinar that will highlight best practices you can employ to help improve local waterways. Register and learn more here.
J is for Junkmail - ABC's of Smart Recycling
Are you still getting junk mail delivered to your home or office? More requests from charities and catalogues that you didn't order?

Learn the secrets of where this mail originates, and which WeAfter you've reduced the mail load, we'll give you some hints on how to reuse and recycle the rest of unwanted paper in your mailbox.

October is National

There are many simple ways we can all become better energy consumers. Try things like:
  • Unplug 3 items that consume energy even when you aren't using them, such as the television in the guest room or the radio in the garage.
  • Use a power strip that can be switched off for computers, printers and appliances.
  • Plant trees and shrubs around your house to help cut down both cooling and heating costs.
Check out this Home Energy Checklist created by the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency for more ideas. Learn about local energy conservation efforts and the Cool DuPage Initiative here.
Working Bikes & SCARCE

Did you know that SCARCE is a drop-off location for the non-profit Working Bikes? (We've been providing supplies and bikes for years.) Working Bikes' home base is Chicago, where they repair and redistribute bikes all over the world.

Pictured is SCARCE Resource Rescue Specialist, Carina Ruscitti, and volunteer, Dave Gorman, who delivers donated bikes and supplies from SCARCE to the bike shop in Chicago. Thanks Dave!
Jocelyn Booth delivers supplies to St. Francis Solanus Catholic School, a Native American Reservation school for Pre-K through 8th grade students in Stone Lake, WI. Pictured is this year's first box, full of art supplies, being picked up from SCARCE.

Jocelyn also ships supplies to the school throughout the year. Thank you, Jocelyn!
Village of Addison earns an Earth Flag AND a Water Quality Flag
Congrats to the the Village of Addison! It has adopted many green practices to earn these flags, such as implementing green infrastructure, installing energy efficient streetlights, and retaining a staff member dedicated to sustainability. The Village is also pursuing electric vehicles and is excited about building on its environmental achievements.

Contact erin@scarce.org to learn about earning an environmental flag for your organization.
Make A Difference Day is Oct. 22
Want to help make the earth a better place? From composting pumpkins to recycling household items, SCARCE has many ways for you to get involved. Contact rose@scarce.org to learn about volunteer opportunities for individuals or groups.
Special THANK YOU to Volunteers from Kimley-Horn-
Professionals from the firm's three Chicago area offices spent one afternoon at SCARCE to help process materials for reuse and recycling. They got right to work and accomplished so much during their visit. Way to learn and lend a hand!
Recycling Events
November 5
Are you Ready to Pumpkin SMASH?
Follow up the fun of Halloween by collecting all those jack o' lanterns and smashing them into something good for the earth on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

Why compost pumpkins? Glad you asked! Read all about it here.

Don't stop with your house! Collect your neighbors' pumpkins too.
Then bring them all to a local pumpkin smash site.

Check out the SMASH Locator to find a location near you!
OAKtober has Arrived
Celebrate local oak trees at OAKtober-fest in Glen Ellyn on Saturday, October 8.

Enjoy nature hikes, music, platform tennis, and activities for the entire family.

Sound like fun?
Environmental Events - Mark Your Calendar!
SCARCE-LY USED Books & Records @ SCARCE Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm, Sat 9am-12pm
October is National Book Month!
Cool weather and early nights mean it's time for a cozy read!

Come have a browse at SCARCE-LY USED and find your next favorite book! Hardcover books currently on SALE now!
SCARCE will be open this Columbus Day, October 10.
(Also known as Indigenous Peoples' Day.)
Stop in for a book or puzzle to keep everyone learning!
Thank You to Businesses
A special thank you to businesses who donated services or supplies to our Rescue Projects this month!

  • Accurate Office (Carol Stream)
  • Carlson's (Wheaton)
  • Ivy (Wheaton)
  • Keson Industries (Aurora)
  • NOW Foods (Bloomingdale, Roselle)
  • Ryan Shreve, Revo Wired Webservices (Berwyn)
  • Whole Cubes (Addison)
  • Whole Foods (Wheaton)
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