Edition 5 | August 3, 2021
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From Dr. Zoë Del Bel Belluz
You have risen to the challenge by prescribing nature and plants, and by getting rid of your exam bed paper.

Now it is time for your August Green Office Challenge!
No More Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles
Did you know that Ontarians send over 1 billion plastic bottles to landfills each year, which take 450-1000 years to biodegrade?

In addition to being 3000% more expensive per gallon, bottled water is less regulated than Hamilton's tap water and lacks fluoride.

Need more inspiration? Check out this evidence-based poster created by our Green Team.

Your challenge this month is to eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles in your practice. Order your free "Plastic Water Bottle-Free Zone" poster from our Green Team.
"The widespread use of bottled water in place of treated tap water is an issue I've always found puzzling and frustrating. Each morning I clean up bottles from our local park's basketball game the night before. One morning after hearing about the HFHT Green Initiative and making the link between environmental health and patient health, I realized that my role as a family physician may be a good opportunity to do more than clean up litter, but take action and spread awareness. I contacted the Green Initiative with the idea, and a poster was born.

Thank you to Teniola for creating this beautiful poster, and the Green Initiative for all your inspiring work!"

- Dr. Zoë Del Bel Belluz, Family Physician
You can track your changes, earn your office Green plaque, and learn more using our Green Worksheet.

Close the loop with your Green Team point person once you have completed a challenge.
Need help with this or any other challenge? The Green Team is here for you! Contact the Green Team and we will be happy to get you started!
We want to hear about how you are being more green in your everyday life! Email the Green Team to have your story shared in an upcoming Green Corner!
Do you love being green AND being onscreen?

We are looking for a diverse* cast of people to use in our park prescription video describing the benefits of spending time in nature.

Things of note:
  • No acting experience is necessary
  • You will not need to speak or memorize lines
  • You will be asked to interact with nature
  • We will only need you for about an hour and we can schedule around your needs
  • We would like to shoot in the first two weeks of August

Contact the Green Team if you would like to participate!

*We are hoping to ensure cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, and gender diversity, as well as ranging physical ability.
"Our very being, essence, health and happiness depend on Mother Earth."
- Dr. David Suzuki
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