Edition 2 | June 15, 2021
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Here's a reminder of your June Challenges:

Challenge #1 (Green Office) - Reduce Exam Bed Paper Use
Challenge #2 (Green Care) - Prescribe Nature

For more information about these challenges, follow this link!
Need help with these challenges? The Green Team is here for you! Contact the Green Team and we will be happy to get you started!
Our June Challenge is to prescribe nature.

And since written reminders work best we made a digital prescription - see the video demo below by Dr. Meghan Davis showing the following steps:

  • Download EMR embedded PaRx tool from here.
  • Prescribe nature within your EMR to create the pdf to email or give to your patients (pages 1 and 2 are shown below).
  • Review evidence based dose (2 hours per week, 20 mins at a time).
  • Suggest engaging senses.
  • Exercise is not required for the benefits and ANY nature works - just get outside! A Park Finder link is on the Rx if needed.
  • Log your PaRx here and advise patients to do the same to receive follow up helpful information and we are all eligible for nature based prizes.
Here is what our nature prescription looks like:
Page 1 - Review the dose and add notes with your patient's plans
Page 2 - Lists of evidence-based benefits of nature
Avoid burn out with nature outings
Stop to breathe, look and listen to the sounds of silence
Sounds of birds chirping, woodpeckers and waterfalls
Listen to your inner self and let the wonders of nature
Soothe the mind and nurture the soul

Recommending nature walks has been an integral part of my management plan for both mental and physical health – to which patients have been especially receptive with the challenges we have encountered with the Covid pandemic.

- Dr. Lino LaGrotteria, HFHT Family Physician
We want to hear about how you are being more green in your everyday life! Email the Green Team to have your story shared in an upcoming Green Corner!
To compliment our Green Office and Green Care Initiative, we also have a Go Green campaign on social media! We are giving people on social media monthly challenges to help them stay connected to the environment while being more connected to their health.

Check out our first Go Green video!

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We are looking for volunteers at 123 James Street North and the Dundas, Queensdale and Stoney Creek hubs to join the Green Initiative Committee.
Members of the committee will meet monthly for an hour to select and implement action items from our GO Checklist to make our offices more environmentally sustainable and friendly!
If you are interested, please contact Marijke.Jurriaans.
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