Edition 3 | June 30, 2021
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From Dr. Henry Lim
Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Green Office and Green Care challenges in June!

You can track your changes, earn your office Green plaque, and learn more using our Green Worksheet.

*Don't forget to close the loop with your Green Team point person once you have completed a challenge!
Prescribe Plant-Rich
Did you know that a plant-rich diet can lower risks of certain diseases, reverse some diseases, and improve your mental and physical wellbeing?

In addition to reducing climate impact, eating a plant-rich diet is recommended by the Canadian Food Guide. The health benefits of a plant-rich diet are both wide-reaching and well-documented in the literature. Learn more from our handy infographic.

Your challenge this month is to use our EMR embedded plant-rich prescription tool to prescribe a plant rich diet to a patient! This prescription tool is compatible with Telus, Oscar, Accuro, and PnP, and helps patients access education and resources to get started as well as improve their likelihood of follow-through. 
“Encouraging patients to eat more plant-based foods is not an onerous task. Small, sustainable changes such as eating more vegetables, eating a variety of vegetables, and choosing nutrient-dense, whole foods can help steer patients on a path to better health. I’ve had patients discontinue their cholesterol meds, and several have even reversed their diabetes by eating a more plant rich diet and exercising regularly. Thankfully, I’ve had the benefit of staff who share the same vision and encourage these lifestyle changes as well.”
- Dr. Henry Lim, Family Physician
A bell in Dr. Lim's practice that patients get to ring when they reverse their diabetes through diet.
"I have been plant-rich since April and always looking for good recipes, so for Mother’s Day, my kids gathered ones they knew I would like and put them in a recipe book for me. They hand wrote them, and colour-coordinated them by breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I love thoughtful gifts, this made me tear up."
- Mary Mouck, QI Decision Support Specialist
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As Dr. Suzuki suggested during his talk at our AGM, advocacy is important. Our Green Initiative-specific Facebook group is a place for advocacy, conversation and advice. Topics in this group can range from which MP to write to for a specific cause to asking questions about how to easily change your coffee filters to a more sustainable option. Join us!
Earning your Green Initiative Plaque is a terrific way to get your Green work started, to learn about the Initiative, and to engage in team-building with your practice teams!

Here are the steps to getting your Green Initiative Plaque:

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