Edition 4 | July 15, 2021
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"Last year, I had an MI…which took me by complete surprise. I had NO risk factors at all. The cardiologist said it was stress related. After my stent, I decided that I would be very good about what I ate. Now…I always ate healthy foods (along with liking ‘junk food’ like everyone does…it tastes good!)…but decided that I would increase the amount of plants and reduce everything else. I did and had lots more energy, felt better, and a bonus…lost the ‘extra’ few kg I had accumulated (well…my clothing grew…it had shrunk in the closet before that!)."
- Dr. Rob Kerr, Family Physician
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Dr. Shelly Sender and Dr. Myles Sergeant, Members of the Shelter Health
Green Team
Members of the Beamsville Medical Centre's Green Team
Folks who use the EMR embedded plant-rich prescription tool for 10 patients will be entered into a draw to win copy of the popular plant-rich cookbook Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon. This book is a gold mine of over a hundred divine and wholesome recipes to tempt you into incorporating more plants into your diet. This book is for everyone! Learn more about Angela Liddon and her Oh She Glows journey here on her website.

Be sure to report to your Green Team liaison to enter the draw!
A reminder that your July challenge is to prescribe plant-rich by using our plant prescription tool.

We encourage you to use our EMR embedded plant-rich prescription tool to prescribe a plant rich diet to a patient. This prescription tool is compatible with Telus PSS, Oscar, Accuro, and P&P, and reduces risks of certain diseases, reverses some diseases, and improves mental and physical wellbeing.  

For more information about prescribing plant-rich diets, here is our handy infographic and check out the challenge email here!
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