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Midwest's Premiere Green Vehicle Conference
Green Drives Features Speakers from City of Chicago, Commercial and Government Fleets
The Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition hosts our ninth annual   Green Drives Conference & Expo  on Thursday, April 30.

Green Drives is one of the largest green-vehicle conferences held in the Midwest. We invite commercial and government fleets, community leaders, and the public to attend at the Northern Illinois University Conference Center in Naperville, Illinois.

“We expect to have more than 200 attendees, two dozen speakers and 40 environmentally friendly vehicles on display or available for test drives,” said John Walton, chair, Chicago Area Clean Cities. “As one of the largest clean-transportation conferences in the Midwest, Green Drives provides you with the benefits of a multi-day conference in a one-day trade show-like setting – all celebrating the latest in green-vehicle technologies.” 

Speakers and highlights of this year’s program include:

  • John Davis, the Emmy Award-winning host of “MotorWeek,” television’s longest-running automotive series, will once again serve as the program’s emcee. 
  • Kevin Campbell, manager of fleet services, City of Chicago, and Julie Furber, vice president, electrified power, Cummins, will give keynote remarks.
  • Advanced technologies, electric vehicles and alternative fuels will be showcased, and an alt-fuel and electric vehicle ride-and-drive will be held.
  • Executives from automakers will discuss their newest vehicles and technologies.
  • Fleet managers may register for a complimentary pass. Offer is available for commercial or government fleet managers or other decision makers of vehicle fleet purchases, such as directors, city managers, mayors or county officials.

Green Drives is being held at Northern Illinois University’s Conference and Meetings Center, 1120 East Diehl Road, Naperville, IL 60563. To register, become a sponsor or exhibitor, visit

“Green Drives is a must-attend event for private and public fleets, including commercial and municipal fleet managers, dealer personnel, small businesses, and clean-tech and clean-energy professionals,” Walton said. “Whether you run a small or large business, are a fleet manager, manage a dealership or service garage, or work in technology or energy, there will be topics of interest and networking for you.”

To learn more, visit our conference webpage .

Accelerating Clean Transportation in Illinois
Illinois Clean Air Now (ICAN) Looks to Educate, Promote and Advocate for Electrification in Illinois
In an effort to increase awareness about the health, environmental, and public benefits of electrification, a diverse group of companies and advocacy organizations announced the creation of Illinois Clean Air Now (ICAN), a coalition of clean energy, health advocacy and transportation industry stakeholders from Illinois and across the country.

Transportation generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Air pollution emitted from transportation contributes to smog, and to poor air quality, which has negative impacts on the health and welfare of U.S. citizens. A recent report from the American Lung Association classifies Chicago as the 18th most polluted city in the U.S.

By adopting policies that encourage the electrification of vehicles such as passenger cars, transit buses, delivery trucks, school buses and more, Illinois has the opportunity to be a global leader in clean transportation.

“Illinois has the opportunity to become a leader in clean healthy energy through electrification," said Angela Tin, Executive Board Member, Chicago Area Clean Cities. "But we risk losing our clean energy advantage if we do not build on our progress and create new policies and programs that make it easier to implement clean transportation technologies across the state,”

Electric vehicle manufacturers Rivian and Proterra have joined ICAN to advance the economic opportunity with electric vehicles adoption and infrastructure implementation.

For more information, visit the ICAN website: .

Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act
Legislation May Get Voted On This Spring 
Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Illinois lawmakers show signs they could be ready to pass the Illinois Clean Energy Jobs Act.

“Our spring agenda must also address the pressing issue of adopting new clean energy legislation,” Pritzker  said in his recent State of the State . “Urgent action is needed, but let me be clear: the old ways of negotiating energy legation are over. It’s time to support consumers and climate first. I am not going to sign an energy bill written by the utility companies.” 

One proposal is called the Clean Energy Jobs Act, or CEJA. Supporters say it would not only have obvious environmental benefits, but also boost the state’s economy.

Part of the proposed legislation is to reduce the equivalent of 1 million gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles from the road. This includes driving comprehensive local investment in energy, transportation, workforce, and environmental projects.

The bill also includes incentivizing electric vehicle charging, focused on medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that create local health impacts.

The proposal also includes creating "the EV Access for All program," to ensure all Illinois residents can benefit from electric vehicles, and supports the creation of low income electric vehicle car-sharing and “last-mile” electric shuttles to serve transit deserts.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act was first introduced last year, but lawmakers have yet to act on it.

Jennifer Walling, executive director of the Illinois Environmental Council, recently spoke with WTTW-TV’s “Chicago Tonight” and said she is confident the bill will move forward this spring, especially with the backdrop of youth climate strikes that took place around the world in 2019.

“I think there is a push to act now, and act urgently on this issue, that the governor is hearing, that the Legislature is hearing,” Walling said. “I think this is something that will be a top priority to get done during this legislative session.”

Alternative Fuel Tax Credits
Bill Extends Alt Fuel Tax Credits
Congress recently passed an extension of the alternative fuel tax credit. To learn more, visit

The bill extends key alternative fuel tax incentives that have been expired since the end of 2017.

I-55 Corridor Outreach Study 
Take the Clean Cities I-55 Alternative Fuels Survey
The Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition (CACC) is inviting all stakeholders operating on the I-55 Corridor to participate in its new I-55 Corridor Alternative Fuels Survey. The CACC survey is part of a study focusing on the current and potential future usage, perceptions and motivations for advancing the use of alternative fuels, specifically along Interstate-55 (I-55).

Two separate surveys have been created for I-55 stakeholders:

Member Blog
Propane Autogas Geared for the Future
By Todd Mouw
President, ROUSH CleanTech

I recently attended the World Propane Gas Association’s Innovation for Growth Summit in Washington, D.C. The meeting gathered industry leaders from around the globe to exchange ideas and discuss investment to drive innovation that will expand the use of this clean and versatile energy source.

Across the world, more than 27 million vehicles travel with propane autogas in their fuel tank. Yet, the impact of propane reaches everyone. In the United States, about 50 million households use propane for hot water, clothes dryers, back-up power generation and other energy needs. Businesses use propane forklifts and propane mowers. More than 1 million kids will ride on a propane school bus tomorrow morning. Worldwide, several billions of people depend on propane. In China, more than 50 percent of the country’s urban population cook with it daily. And, according to the WLPGA, the propane industry employs millions of people around the globe.

The impact of propane is wide-reaching. It was clear from my discussions at the summit that the propane industry is poised for the future and not resting on its successes over the past 100 years. Innovations in transportation fuels, such as renewable propane and DME / propane blends, will bring the carbon intensity value close to carbon neutral and ensure propane has a place in the new “low carbon” economy.

That’s been the motivation behind our company since its inception — to take harmful emissions to new lows in order to foster healthier communities. When fueled with renewable propane, our vehicles equipped with .02g NOx propane engines bring emission levels to near zero. And, we will continue to innovate and push the limits.

A continued focus on the decarbonization of our transportation system is a must, but we have to do it in a way that is fiscally responsible. Sustainable energy solutions, like renewable propane, provide the environmental and economic results while emerging tech, like battery electric and hydrogen, continue to mature.

To learn more, please visit .
Todd Mouw is president of ROUSH CleanTech, an industry leader of advanced clean vehicle technology. Mouw has more than two decades of experience in the automotive and high- tech industries. As former president of the NTEA Green Truck Association, Mouw helped set standards in the green trucking industry.

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