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Media Coverage Update

Since the onset of the pandemic, The Green House Project has continued to garner positive media attention due to the model's design and its ability to manage COVID-19. Below are highlights of the latest articles in which the Green House model is featured.
COVID-19 Best Practices Initiative Launches
The first COVID-19 Best Practices in Nursing Homes launched on July 15 with more than 300 registrants. Attendees and subject matter experts Al Power, MD, and Eric Riguerra, RN, discussed the topic of reopening considerations, plans, and processes.

Riguerra, who is director of nursing at Jewish Home Family in Rockleigh, N.J., shared a case scenario about the many lessons he and his colleagues have learned since the onset of the pandemic and what his organization has done to begin their reopening process.

Dr. Power offered a didactic presentation in which he highlighted the Green House COVID data and shared his views around the risk associated with reopening versus the importance of residents' receiving visitors and feeling a sense of normalcy again.

This initiative is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is made possible through a partnership with Project ECHO .

You can watch a recording of the first session here:
New GHP Podcast Coming Soon!
GHP is excited to announce the upcoming launch of The Green House Project podcast Elevate Eldercare! Join Susan Ryan, senior director of The Green House Project, each Wednesday for enlightening, provocative, and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with thought leaders who offer diverse perspectives aimed at elevating eldercare. Guests will explore the opportunities and challenges to actualizing a vision for dignified eldercare through the lens of the Green House model of long-term care.

Stay tuned for links and more information as we launch on July 29!
The Art of Being a CNA
GHP partnered with Corey Rotella, a memory care CNA in North Carolina, to create this beautiful and compelling video account of what it is like to be a CNA right now, amid the pandemic.

In this video, Rotella describes the art of knowing the elders and caring for them as they contend with cognitive changes. Her voice is put to images that we have collected since the start of the pandemic---which culminates in a moving portraiture-audio account of what it's like to be a CNA in this challenging environment.
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As we continue to grapple with the devastation of COVID-19 across the world and within the United States, we at The Green House Project are emboldened to fight harder than ever to develop elder care communities that create real homes, meaningful lives, and empowered staff.

As a 501(c)(3) organization, we rely on grant support, consulting funds, and other means to fight for elder care that is radically non-institutional, person-directed, and relationship rich.

With this in mind, we ask that you consider supporting us via the link below, which allows you to either give once or set up a monthly gift that will help us continue offering COVID-19 webinars, sharing stories of heroism, and building nursing homes that are equipped to not only manage COVID-19 and other viruses, but also to ensure the dignified quality of life experiences that Green House offers.