Issue #116

   COVID-19 Vaccines
   Lemaitre Interview
   Sono Motors
   Green City Solutions
   Falling Walls Lab

Green Infrastructure

The need for cities to develop is inevitable, but the loss of natural, life-sustaining resources doesn't have to be. A new approach to development,  green infrastructure , as outlined by the EU Commission, refocuses growth on our need for ecological soundness, clean water and air, scenic environments and healthy surroundings.

Inspired by green infrastructure, our latest newsletter looks at the human benefits of three life-sustaining natural resources: sun, water and air. We feature three startups: one charging a car with solar power, one adding natural minerals back to water and one purifying air with technological CityTrees. In our interview we chat with a sustainable construction expert about the newest developments in greening buildings.

In a special report, we take a close look at BioNTech and CureVac, two German biotechs producing mRNA vaccines for the novel coronavirus.

Special Report

German Research Tackles COVID-19 
Two German companies are at the forefront of mRNA vaccination research to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. More in our feature article.

Building Nature into Infrastructure

Dr. Christine Lemaitre

Sustainability from the Ground Up 
What is "green construction," and how do we value sustainability in the midst of other housing-related crises?Answers to these questions in  an interview with President of the German Sustainable Building Council, Dr. Christine Lemaitre.
Sono Motors' Sion

Sun ☀️
The Electric Car That Charges Itself

Munich's Sono Motors can make your daily commute possible with no emissions and no electric charge. Read on about their Sion vehicle, powered by the sun. 
CityTrees outside Berlin's Bikini shopping mall

Air ��
The Budding Tech of the CityTree

Green City Solutions' CityTree can filter air for up to 7,000 people per hour. Find out what the CityTree is and how it works  in our article.
Mitte's water filtration system

Water ��
Drinking Water Inspired by Nature

Based on the water cycle, Berlin-based company Mitte has developed a water filtration system that  that purifies and enhances water with essential minerals. Learn more.

DWIH Events

Falling Walls Lab New York

Remote Pitch Contest

The DWIH New York's Falling Walls Lab has extended its application deadline. Students, researchers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit their pitch for the digital contest by April 10. Apply today.