Profound3D's Green Monday Coupon
All prices valid 12/9/19 with coupon code GREEN19

Profound3D has a special coupon for Green Monday. Use our coupon code GREEN19 and save 5% storewide. You can use your coupon on Printers, Spare Parts, Scanners and Filament.

Below are deals on some of our most popular 3D Printers, including Raise3D, Zortrax, Zmorph and Intamsys.
ZMorph VX Multi-Tool 3D Printer - Full Set
The ZMorph VX Full Set , all-in-one fabrication station, comes with interchangeable toolheads for dual extruder 3D printing, CNC milling, laser engraving and cutting, and thick paste printing

$ 4179 with coupon
Zortrax Filament
We stock all the Zortrax filament you need, from standard ABS to advance filaments like Z-GLASS, Z-ULTRAT and Z-PETG.

Raise3D Accessories
Profound3D has Raise3D N-Series and Pro-Series replacement parts and accessories in stock and ready to ship.
Zortrax Accessories
We stock all the spare parts required for your Zortrax printer . Our tech support staff knows the printer inside and out.
Raise3D Pro2 Dual
Order your Raise3D Pro2 while supplies last. This special price only applies to printers we have in stock, so act soon.

$ 3,799 with coupon
We appreciate all your support of Profound3D in 2019.
Profound3D's office is open until Noon EDT on Christmas Eve, December 24, and closed Christmas Day December 25, 2019.
Orders placed after 11am EDT Tuesday, December 24 will be processed on Thursday, December 26.

Have a wonderful holiday!


Frank Quinlisk