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Green Needham Update:
April, 2018   
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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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On Earth Day, 2018, Green Needham Collaborative and the Needham League of Women Voters launched a major environmental initiative that calls on the entire community to step up its efforts to cut energy use and operate sustainably in other ways. The GO GREEN Needham campaign will  encourage and help local businesses, institutions, clubs, houses of worship, schools, individuals, and the Town itself to find new "green" actions they can commit to over the next 6 months.   

To learn more:
This month's newsletter articles support our new campaign - read on to get some great information on how to "GO GREEN"!
Neighbor Spotlights: From Lawn Mowing to Activism
I met Stephen at a Green Needham planning meeting for a town event coming up next fall (keep an eye out for further notice).  He impressed me with his upbeat, calm presence, and with how he packaged our ideas in a way that nudged our meeting from somewhat disorganized searching to excited purposefulness.  In the course of the evening, I learned that Stephen gives climate talks around the area, that he was trained by Al Gore as part of the Climate Reality Project, and that it all started with a new lawn mower.
GO GREEN Needham - Here's How: Say No to Bottled Water
Do you really need to use bottled water at home and at the office?  Bottled water isn't necessarily cleaner or better for you than tap water - in fact, often it is tap water that's been filtered. You can do the same thing by using a Brita pitcher or installing a filter on your faucet.  You're already paying a substantial sum to get clean tap water, so you might as well drink it.  And what about when you're out?  Get a reusable container (readily available at local stores, including Whole Foods) and fill it with tap water.  Or check your cabinets - you probably already have one!

Electric vehicles may be more affordable than you think! In addition to federal and state incentives, a special discount program for battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles ("EVs"), is being offered through Mass Energy, a nonprofit consumer alliance promoting low carbon energy solutions.   Read more... 



Michael Greis
Green Needham Collaborative