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Green Needham Update:
December, 2017     



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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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As you shop during this holiday season, don't forget the importance of " shopping locally."  Local businesses employ your friends and neighbors, put money into our local economy, have a lower environmental impact, and help keep our town unique.  And if you get a free "Discover Needham Local First" card, you can get discounts from local businesses

Below are the local businesses that have supported Green Needham in the past - please support them during the holidays:
  • Dedham Bank
  • Hearth Pizzeria
  • Hillcrest Gardens
  • Needham Bank
  • Needham Garden Center
  • Roche Brothers/Sudbury Farms
  • Pet Smart/Needham
  • Stacey's Juicebar
  • Sweet Basil Restaurant
  • The Farmhouse Restaurant 
  • Volante Farms
Standing Room Only on the Journey to a Zero Waste Future
This past year has seen exciting developments in the area of reducing local food waste, as well as challenges faced by recycling programs. Green Needham is committed to moving toward a zero waste future and is seeking volunteers to help build up its Food Waste and Recycling team  Community interest is strong. 
On November 29, 2017, a standing-room-only audience packed the Community Room at the Needham Library to hear experts from government, business, and a local college describe the achievements and challenges involved in reducing local solid waste.  Read more...

Globe West's "The Argument": Should Needham Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags?

Green Needham was invited to participate in the weekly Boston Globe West column, The Argument. The column features two sides of the argument on a topic of current interest in one of the Metrowest towns covered by Globe West.  Rob Fernandez, Green Needham's Plastic Bag Ban Team Chair, took the "yes" position.  You can read Rob's submission below, and online at Globe West or in the Dec. 17th Sunday Globe. If you go online, please leave a comment to vote in the Globe's poll.  

Eliminating retail single-use plastic bags in Needham

Single-use plastic shopping bags have several attributes that retailers find useful.  They are inexpensive, easy to store, and convenient for carrying a variety of products.  But the benefits have led to their overuse.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, an estimated 1 trillion single-use plastic bags are used every year globally.  Closer to home, Boston shoppers consume 357 million plastic bags annually. In Needham, just one national chain store goes through 6,000 plastic bags a week, based on a local survey.  Read more...



Michael Greis
Green Needham Collaborative