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Green Needham Update:
January, 2017     
Upcoming Events
Sun. Feb 12, 3-5 PM


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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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Those of us in Massachusetts are faced with a challenging -- and exciting -- task. Despite the grim situation in Washington, our state can, and must, proceed with renewed vigor to transition away from fossil fuels and move into a future of energy efficiency, conservation and clean energy. Please join us on February 12th for an inspiring film and a discussion of the many ways individuals can help move the process forward. And read on about how young people in Needham are contributing in creative ways to environmental protection.
Green Needham Program: Movie "Time to Choose"
How can we, as individuals, address the climate crisis? On  Sunday February 12, at 3 p.m., the powerful 90-minute climate change film,  Time to Choose will be shown at  First Parish in Needham, 23 Dedham Ave. "With footage from five continents,  Time to Choose explores the scope of the climate change crisis and the power of solutions already available." The film will be followed by a discussion of concrete steps which individuals can take to address climate change. Attendees can also enjoy refreshments and a chance to browse informational tables from local groups.

This free event is sponsored by the First Parish in Needham Green Congregation Committee and Green Needham Collaborative, as well as the Needham League of Women Voters; Westwood/Walpole/ Dedham LWV; Wellesley LWV; Sustainable Wellesley; Environmental Action Group, First Parish in Sherborn; Environmental Ministries Team of the Congregational Church of Needham; Carter Memorial United Methodist Missions/Social Justice Team; UU Wellesley Green Sanctuary Committee, Westwood Environmental Action Committee.
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A Plastic Bag Ban for Needham?
Needham has an opportunity to join about 30 other Massachusetts communities, including our neighbors Newton and Wellesley, in implementing a ban on single-use plastic bags. This effort was initiated by a team of seniors last year as a capstone project for the Greater Boston Project, a double-credit interdisciplinary elective at Needham High School.

The team was led by Chris Thomas,who along with several others were so committed to the project that they continued work past their June graduation. They met with individuals, groups, businesses and town officials in Needham and in nearby communities, including Green Needham. They did extensive research to address questions and concerns raised by the stakeholders they talked to. They gathered signatures of support online and in person (including many who stopped by the Green Needham table during two Street Fair events in the last year). The students did a thorough job of research and built a persuasive case.

A proposal developed by the students is now pending before the Board of Selectmen.  Read more ... 
Hillside School Composting Pilot Program Up and Running
Recycling and composting is great, but is it possible to get a first grader to separate lunchtime waste into four different categories? The answer at Needham's Hillside School is a resounding "Yes"!

Last April,
Hillside school students worked with their principal and lead custodian to set up a trash sorting system for the K-5 school. At Hillside school, lunchtime waste is sorted by students into four different types, continuing the program begun by last year's 5th grade Lego League team, the Radioactive Hamburgers.   Read more ...  



Michael Greis
Green Needham Collaborative

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