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Green Needham Update:
March, 2018   
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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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We're pleased to announce good news this month - on single-use plastic bags and solar PV coming to Needham's newest school.  City Compost's home composting service promotion, and our latest neighbor spotlight round out this month's newsletter.  There's more at our web site and more to come this spring.
Solar for Sunita Williams School
When the sun shines on the new Sunita L. Williams school on Central Avenue at its opening in the fall of 2019, it will also be generating electricity to power the school and save money for the community. Solar PV is only one of many exciting features of this new school, but it was one that we weren't sure would happen.
City Compost - Special Discount Offer for Needham Residents
Two hundred and ten new composters joined City Compost's service in February, including two offices, one church, one event, and one farmers market!  That translates to over 2,000 lbs/week of scraps for making new soil. It would be great to have more people add scraps to the pile, to be more sustainable, lower their carbon footprints, and support more local fresh food.  100% of material collected by City Compost is processed independently of other generators, and subscribers have the option to receive up to 100% of the finished compost without the space and drawbacks of composting at home.
Select Board Adopts Voluntary Single-use Plastic Bag Policy for Large Stores

At its March 20th meeting, the Needham Select Board discussed and then unanimously adopted its proposed policy requesting that stores over 3,500 square feet voluntarily discontinue the use of single-use plastic check-out bags on or before June 1st. While this falls short of the simple outright ban supported by Green Needham, and advocated by most of the residents who spoke out at the February 27th public meeting, it is still a significant step forward for our community.    Read more... 
Neighbor spotlights: From the prairie to the East
When Eleanor and Jay moved to Needham in 2001 with their two teenagers, they were surprised.   They were coming from West Lafayette, Indiana (home of Purdue University), where Eleanor in particular, had been part of a very active environmental community and many local projects - the most exciting of which was the conversion of a soybean farm back into native prairie and seeing it become part of a new State Park. Both Eleanor and Jay were looking forward to getting involved in the more liberal East. To their surprise, they found that - at the time - there was little environmental activity in our town. (Happily, this has changed a lot since then.)  Read more...



Michael Greis
Green Needham Collaborative