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Green Needham Update:
October, 2017     
Upcoming Events  
Wed. Oct. 18th
7-9 PM
Broadmeadow Performance Center, 120 Broadmeadow Rd.


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About Green Needham
The Green Needham Collaborative is a community-based group bringing together people and organizations to build a more sustainable community through collaborative efforts on energy and the environment.
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Solar 101: Now is the time to Go Solar at Needham Community Education
More than 350 of your Needham neighbors have installed solar. Becoming one of them may be easier than you think!

Join us on October 18th and learn about the benefits of installing solar at your home!  The Green Needham Collaborative is offering an updated Solar 101 seminar with information:
  • How to get solar done
  • Federal (30%) and State Tax Credits which lower the cost of solar.
  • Current State incentives that make it attractive now.
  • Future changes to State incentives.
  Read more ...
Why We Should All Care About the Renewable Portfolio Standard

It is easy to advocate for more renewable energy and more green jobs. But increasing the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)? Although that may sound complicated and technical, it's actually a crucial issue which is not hard to understand.

Mass Energy has called increasing the RPS the "most critical" energy issue before the legislature in 2017. Why? Because the Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) sets the demand for renewable energy. It requires electricity suppliers, including Eversource and National Grid, to source a certain percentage of their power supply from qualifying renewable resources such as wind, solar, anaerobic digestion, and small hydro, thus encouraging companies to invest in clean energy and the jobs it brings.  Read more... 

Needham Resident Encourages Others to get Their No-cost Home Energy Assessment 
Needham resident Bruce Amsbary reported a great experience with the no-cost home energy assessment that he recently had with Green Needham's Mass Save partner, Homeworks Energy!  The assessment took about three hours, and was very informative - Bruce learned a lot about how his home could be made more energy efficient.  Moreover, the Home Energy Advisor installed, at no cost, 20 LED light bulbs, two programmable thermostats, two "smart" power strips that reduce phantom energy usage when electronic devices are turned off but not unplugged, two sink aerators, and one water-saving shower head.  Bruce is now saving money and energy, and reducing carbon output.  And during the assessment, he learned that he could have follow up insulation work done, with 75% of the total cost (max $2000) paid for by Mass SaveĀ®.  With such a great deal, he plans to add insulation to the floor of his attic!  Bruce's enthusiastic comment on the experience, was "For just three hours of my time, I had a very good dollar per hour payback!"   Read More...  



Michael Greis
Green Needham Collaborative

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