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Green Schools Teams Up with Miss Earth
Green Schools Announces West Coast Student Leadership Summit!
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Green Schools Executive Director Robing Organ _right_ pictured with Andrea Suarez Falken_ Director of US Ed Green Ribbon Schools
As a proud sponsor, we were excited to return to DC for the US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools Awards Program! 

View photos from the ceremony. 

Check out the video from the event.

In the    Highlights from the 2016 Report you can find examples of innovative practices in every Pillar from the 2016 cohort of honorees.  Feel free to connect with other honorees.  You can also find summaries of 2012-2015 honorees on the same page and view them in a visual context here.

About the three Pillars
You can find additional resources and webinars on  Green Strides  to support your efforts and those of the other schools with which you work.  We particularly encourage you to consult the Green Strides Webinar Series, with offerings weekly.  You can find the materials referenced at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) tour and info session attached.  Be sure to stay up to date with all the latest in green schools news, resources and opportunities with their newsletter  here
What if we know of schools, districts, and postsecondary institutions that wish to apply?
Please encourage other schools, districts, and postsecondary institutions to use the resources and webinars on the  Green Strides  pages so that they may reduce environmental impact and costs; improve health and wellness; and teach effective sustainability education.  Those that are fairly high performing in all three 'Pillars' of the award should be referred to  state education authorities , so that they may apply for your states' nomination to ED.  Remember that schools, districts, and postsecondary institutions do not apply to ED, but instead to participating state education authorities.  In states where they have been no nominees, hearing from interested schools may help state authorities determine whether they wish to nominate. 
2016 Green Difference Award Spotlight: PSGR Krishnammal Nursery and Primary School, India

Recipient of THREE Green Difference Awards we are excited to spotlight PSGR Krishnammal Nursery and Primary School from Tamil Nadu, India.

Outstanding Green Superintendent/Principal
Dhanam Sivalingam has encouraged numerous green initiatives at her school over the years. Recently, in October 2015 the school joined with Golakal Biruthavan Trust to plant trees across the city to create awareness towards the protection of the environment.  

"We are so excited in seeing the Green Difference award 2015-16.  We are very proud in  receiving  and fortunate to have this flag in our school as a great appreciation.  Thank you so much." ~ Dhanam Sivalingam

Outstanding School-led Project in Water 

Participating in the program "Save The Water, Save The Life," that is meant to teach children how to save water; a precious natural resource.

Outstanding Green Student [Elementary/Middle/High]
Roshini Shafikhan is the Secretary of the school's Eco Club which consists of 92 members and two teachers. Roshini oversees the clubs daily activities such as food and paper waste, and recycling process. The club cares for 70 species of medicinal plants and trees that are used to cure infections and disease. The clubs pledge is to "Save Mother Earth."
Green Schools Teams Up With Miss Earth New Mexico 2016
Green Schools is excited to team up with Christy Waite, Miss Earth New Mexico.

Christy graduated from Eastern new Mexico University with a degree in Communicate & Broadcast Journalism. She earned her Master's of Education with an emphasis in Clinical and Educational Counseling from New Mexico Highlands University.

When asked "what makes you a beauty for a cause?" Christy replied; " I am a victim and advocate for child abuse and homelessness. I speak to children and families about the importance of healthy watersheds and conserving energy and water. New Mexico faces serious drought conditions, and it is vital that we conserve, protect and enhance New Mexico's soil and precious water for generations to come."

EPA Indoor Air Quality App - Get It Now!
"There's still time for your students to return to a healthy school!"

Assess, then address - EPA just made it easy
The key to maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) is to conduct regular walkthrough assessments of your school facilities. The School IAQ Assessment Mobile app is a "one-stop shop" for accessing EPA's comprehensive school IAQ management guidance and detailed walkthrough assessment checklists that address critical building-related environmental health issues such as:
  • Ventilation
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Environmental asthma triggers
  • Radon
  • Integrated pest management
Schools that want to develop, sustain or reinvigorate their IAQ management programs can use this tool to identify and prioritize IAQ improvements. The School IAQ Assessment mobile app complements existing IAQ management programs and can become the central tracking mechanism schools and districts use to organize building assessments and prioritize IAQ improvements.
Learn More and Get the App!
Green Schools Announces West Coast Student Leadership Summit!
Ahoy Matey!  Green Schools Announces West Coast Student Leadership Summit! 

Green Schools is excited to announce we're teaming up with San Pedro High School and  ITEP [International Trade Education Programs]  for a Green Student Leadership Summit in the spring of 2017.

This Green Difference Award-winning school knows how to make The Green Difference top-down, bottom-up, out in the community, across the globe, and is sure to develop student-led, sustainable solutions for a healthier future!

Pictured at San Pedro High School, CA: Jennifer Suzara-Cheng, Honors and AP biology Teacher, Robin Organ, Green Schools Executive Director and Jeanette Stevens, Principal

ITEP  is a Southern California 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides brighter futures. Through partnerships with ports, transportation, logistics, and related industries, ITEP prepares high school students for diverse career opportunities in high-growth job sectors. We develop innovative programs that integrate internships and career mentoring with the curriculum of high schools throughout Southern California. Volunteers from local businesses offer students the insights, skills, and confidence to thrive in the growing economy. Students build context between their studies and the real world through hands-on learning and carry that experience with them into the workplace.
Summer's HOT... Get Solar!!
There's a solar revolution going on in America-and SolarCity is leading the charge . We've joined forces with SolarCity to help lower your utility bills and your carbon footprint-all while helping us raise money. Going solar with America's #1 full-service solar provider is easy and affordable. SolarCity's in-house team will take care of your entire solar power project from start to finish.

Every 3 minutes someone switches to SolarCity and now, you
can tap
  into this revolution to raise money for your nonprofit by becoming  a Solar Ambassador. We do virtually all the work. You earn money for your organization-and your supporters save money with renewable solar energy. We call it SunRaising.

Here's how it works:
1. Schedule a quick meeting with our Energy Consultant to learn more about our SunRaising program. 

2. If you partner with us, we'll organize SunRaising events to talk to your supporters about the benefits of solar. All you have to do is invite them.

3. We create a custom proposal for any interested supporters. No pressure, no obligation.

4.  Supporters can make the easy switch to solar  with no upfront costs and pay less for electricity every month. The first month is on us!

5. We give Green Schools $200 for every system we install from supporters.
JOIN US At Boston GreenFest 2016!
Green Schools is excited to return to the  9th Annual Boston Greenfest!
Friday-Sunday, August 19-21, 2016 - Boston City Hall Plaza - FREE!

STUDENTS! REGISTER for the 9th Annual Boston GreenFest International Youth Summit held on Saturday August 20, 2016.

We are always looking for volunteers to help table at the event.  Please  email to let us know if you are interested. 
Start A National Green Schools Society Chapter TODAY!
Now is the time to sign up for a National Green Schools Society Chapter for your school and students. Complete a  NGSS Application  TODAY. 

National Green Schools Society (NGSS) provides a k-12 student recognition and awards program for environmentally focused students who are creating extraordinary impact in schools, organizations, and communities. Many of our students join NGSS to receive recognition for environmental service projects, environmental activism and leadership, environmental STEM projects (E-STEM), school projects that focus on the environment, and group projects. NGSS often is the catalyst to start or restart an environmental club in a school, and it serves as a continual motivator for students and advisors to maintain the club each year. This year we worked with students in public, private, charter, and home school.

Current Chapters RENEW now for the 2016-2017 school year! 
Educator Resources from Eversource
Educators, would you say you are struggling with creating an environment where students can experience real life challenges and do it at their own pace to maximize the learning experience? Or how about having the proper materials due to budget constraints? Even struggling with becoming the facilitator and letting the student self guide to the answers? E versource offers programs to educate students on energy efficiency and energy conservation There are 3-4 lessons that are curriculum based and that are at no cost to the school or you.

Watts-Ville is a 30 minute interactive life-size board game where the class will be in two teams and to advance each team will have to answer energy-based questions. For a video about Watts-Ville, click here.

  For more information visit , email or call 1.617.929.8600
STEM and environment focused graphics that are free to publish and share. Just copy and paste the embed code found below each graphic to post to your website.
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September's theme is Green and Healthy Schools and Organizations.  Here are a few resource highlights:
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CREDO will grant up to $500 to 50 activists or local groups doing the work of Climate Heroes to fight fossil fuels in their community

A curated collection of thousands of grants and awards and grant writing resources

Grants, awards, and contests created for teachers

Resources for finding grants, grant writing, and fundraising for schools
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