Hotels Rethink Refillable and Grab-n-Go
in the New Normal
Safe and Secure
Visible disinfecting measures are important to provide guests confidence and to gain trust. Communal water areas become a thing of the past, while guests look for safe and sealed water. Boxed Water™ offers safe SUSTAINABLE water so you don’t need to compromise your eco-standards.

Boxed Water comes in 4 sizes; perfect for check-in or in-room.
Stand Out at Check-in
Some hotels offer Boxed Water™ to their guests during check-in.
As an organization, Boxed Water Is Better® plants two trees in a U.S. National Forest each time someone posts a photo using the hashtag #BetterPlanet.

Handing a complimentary Boxed Water carton at check-in is a thoughtful pause; guests receive some eco-friendly hydration and a way to get involved to help the planet. Create an instant memory! The experience is accentuated when they find Boxed Water in their room.
Sustainability Matters
Both aluminum cans and plastic bottles strip natural resources from the planet and their production generate exceedingly more greenhouse gases than paper-based cartons. Boxed Water has become the best alternative for lodgings to ditch nonrenewable water bottles and cans while maintaining a premium experience.

Read the independent life-cycle analysis that compares cartons, bottles and cans.
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