A pandemic is no time to run out of disinfectant. For a powerful sanitizer/disinfectant when you need it, GenEon’s On Site Generators (OSGs) will be your choice. All it takes is water, electrolyte and electricity. It’s that simple.

An OSG produces hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a naturally occurring chemical found in our bodies where it attacks invading pathogens. HOCl has proven to be a powerful disinfectant in nearly 300 studies over the past 30 years.
The accelerated use of disinfectants in response to COVID is exposing all of us to unprecedented levels of chemicals—with unknown consequences to our health. A 20-year study of 6,000 participants by the University of Bergen in Norway concluded that regular use of spray cleaners and disinfectants does as much damage to lungs as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Today we're exposed to more of these toxic products than ever.
The overuse of disinfectants may prove to be even more harmful than COVID itself. GenEon’s On Site Generation gives you the assurance that your staff and guests are protected not only from pathogens but from harmful chemicals as well. HOCl is safer to handle and breathe than conventional products and requires no PPE.
Available when you need it, GenEon sanitizing/disinfection ensures that your rooms and common areas will be clean and healthy.
For more information about the benefits of OSG to your staff and guests, the planet and your bottom line, contact GenEon’s VP of Sales, Larry Smith at
(978) 985-1116 or [email protected].

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