COVID-19 has highlighted the need for powerful protection against rogue viruses, but our response must be done safely, without harming the very people we wish to protect. That includes not only our guests but those who are on the front lines in this battle against pathogens—our housekeeping staff.

Many disinfectants contain ingredients harmful to humans—particularly those who are handling and breathing them for hours a day. Many products certified as effective against SARS-CoV-2 have never been tested for their safety for humans. Sadly, SDS fall short in giving us adequate safety information, as formulas deemed “proprietary” are not listed. This is troubling and requires careful choice of the products we select.
“The health and environmental benefits of transitioning to non-toxic cleaning solutions for our residents—and Cortland service teams—are too powerful to ignore. The growing social consciousness around health and wellness includes carefully considering the products we choose.”—Jonathan Tucker, EVP of Operations, Cortland
GenEon’s On Site Generators produce HOCl, a disinfectant proven in nearly 300 studies over 30 years to kill every pathogen it has been tested against, including E.coli, MRSA, norovirus, C.diff and Hepatitis B.

HOCl also gets the highest scores for safety.
GenEon’s On Site Generators produce a powerful disinfectant/sanitizer that is free of toxins. It ensures the health and safety of your guests, of course, but also sends a message to your housekeeping staff that you consider them a valuable asset worth protecting as well.
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