Disinfection Couldn't Be More Natural
The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wakeup call, highlighting our need to respond to pathogens powerfully but without harming the very people we want to protect. Travelers were already concerned about exposure to toxic chemicals and fragrances. That concern has grown even greater in light of COVID.
The good news is that powerful disinfection can be safe.
GenEon’s On Site Generators (OSGs) produce a disinfectant and a sanitizer, providing powerful protection against pathogens without the dangers of conventional chemical products. Using just salt, water and electricity, OSGs produce hypochlorous acid, or HOCl, a naturally-occurring chemical found in our bodies where it fights invading pathogens.
What could be more natural—or more safe—for your guests and staff.
SAFETY: HOCl will not harm people, pets, plants. or planet. It requires no PPE, is safe for carpet, upholstery and virtually any solid surface, is fragrance-free and produces no harmful VOCs. Pathogens succumb in seconds.
SIMPLICITY: Products are made on site and on demand with minimal training.
SAVINGS: OSG produces a disinfectant/sanitizer as well as a heavy-duty all-purpose cleaner/degreaser and a glass cleaner, replacing over 90% of your current products. Your cost is reduced to between 15¢ and 55¢ per gallon with a ROI of less than one year.
SUSTAINABILITY: OSG eliminates the entire distribution cycle from extraction of raw materials and manufacturing to transportation and waste disposal. There simply is nothing more sustainable.
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