NeoSan Labs: Green Nontoxic Solutions
For COVID-19 In the Hospitality Sector

Protect Lives with 99.99999% Virus Kill Rate,
Verify Treatments to Reassure Customers & Public
COVID-19 has already caused significant economic damage to the hospitality industry worldwide through cancelled events, concerts and conferences, postponed business and personal travel and shuttered eateries. But restaurants, hotels, casinos, churches, and other public spaces can control infection and cross-contamination with NeoSan Labs’ nontoxic broad-spectrum disinfectant. Appropriate for daily use, NeoSan Labs 01 can mean the difference between life and death in the hospitality industry and other spaces frequented by the public.
NeoSan Lab’s products have been formulated and manufactured specifically for commercial applications. Used globally for many years within the government sector, NeoSan Lab’s disinfectants and cleaners have earned a reputation as the “Rolls-Royce” of decontamination.

They are safer than bleach because they are nontoxic and not harmful to people, animals, and plants.
NeoSan Labs 01 Disinfectant has the highest kill rate in the industry at 99.99999% and is effective within minutes to eradicate germs, bacteria and viruses—including COVID-19 and other coronaviruses. It is also nonmutagenic, noncarcinogenic, and 100% nonharmful for humans, animals, and plants. It provides complete microbiological sterilization, in a noncorrosive, noncarcinogenic formula that does not produce toxic fumes or residue.

Hotels and restaurants can eliminate COVID-19 from porous and non-porous surfaces and the air quickly with hospital-grade sterilization without formalin, chlorine, carbolic acid, or heavy metals.

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