This is the day and age for higher temperature and more efficient solar energy systems. THERMAL SOLAR ENERGY has been around for a long time and is distinguished from photovoltaic systems in several ways including the distinct sun rays—(infrared light rays)...Thermal Solar Systems produce heat and utilize the UV rays of the sun.
SunChef Global, Inc. was founded in 2017 to explore ways in which the best Thermal Solar Collector on the market could produce higher temperatures. See Thermal Resource Technologies Inc. dba Solar America Solutions (TRT/SAS). Jack McMahan, who is President of a new affiliated entity, created the new company to do R&D to find a way to serve a Hi-Temp need by some industries, including hospitality. SCG will purchase the basic SunQuest 250 standard collector from TRT/SAS and install the adaptor system to that product to serve the restaurant and hotel industries which require higher than boiling temperatures of heat passing through a high temp heat exchanging oil. McMahan is also an officer and director of TRT/SAS in addition to leading the journey for seeking higher temperature applications and systems by using the UV rays of the sun instead of the infrared rays. UV produces much more heat for high temperature uses. Only the heat produced by UV rays can penetrate heavy cloud covermeaning that this system can operate nearly every day of the year just about anywhere. (Above right: three 40 gallon stainless steel kettles with a coil containing hi-temp heat enchanger fluid and heating the cooking oil in the kettles up to 350 F and cooking three 16# turkeys at the same time.)
Since the founding of SCG the company has been working on proving and tweaking the concept and is now announcing that the target is in sight and the product should be available by the end of 2021. We would like to hear from interested parties to discuss their potential uses. The easy first use is to enable the use of the SunQuest 250 to operate all night by utilizing heat transfer high temp oil to over 350 degrees F in a well insulated storage tank on the property with valves which open after the sun goes down and closes when the sun heats up the next morning. This will enable the SunQuest 250 to operate all night to solve the usage need for night time—in hotels, for example. Hi-temp heat transfer fluid could also heat a flushing fluid through the water and sewer lines to kill disease carrying microbes in those systems. We are also planning a procedure for making the package available to existing users of Solar America Solutions’ products for special opportunities.
The future research is leading in the direction of converting the heat from hi-temp fluids directly into the production of electricity.
Please call or text Jack McMahan at (317) 418-4674 or e-mail Our mailing address: SunChef Global Inc., 9263 Castlegate Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256.

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