Embracing Zero Waste Design

3form family of brands innovate with three recent product launches reflecting the companies’ unwavering commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable design has been an integral part of the 3form family of companies’ (3form, LightArt, and 3form Elements) DNA since their founding. Focusing on three pillars of sustainability under the guidance of their Align programpeople, product, & planet, the program influences everything from cutting edge design methods to production processes, working towards the goal of net positive manufacturing that affects the earth as well as consumers.

3form’s: Flek Pure

On a journey to create a closed-loop, 100 percent recycled architectural material for the past decade, 3form has finally introduced Flek Pure. Sourced from in-house waste that’s pelletized and color categorized through an optical sorter to guarantee clarity and cleanliness, Flek Pure is an extremely durable, translucent, and wholly sustainable product. “The most exciting part of the design process was our motivation to keep innovating,” says 3form's Product Development team. “We didn’t stop when the Flek Collection launched [in 2019 comprising 75 percent recycled content] because we knew we wouldn’t be satisfied until we reached 100 percent recycled material. This was a challenging, extensive process, but the result is so rewarding.” Flek is only the beginning of many new innovations to come involving using internally and externally sourced waste to create beautiful, translucent materials.

LightArt: Coil

Sustainably conscious lighting manufacturer LightArt has updated its Coil Collection, which was created using upcycled material waste. Now, LightArt has collaborated with plastic action platform Oceanworks to source ocean-bound and near-shore plastic to create new pendant shades made from 100 percent recycled polypropylene.

3form Elements: Sola Felt

3form Elements converts Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) found in water bottles into sound absorbing felt, Sola Felt. PET is recycled into pellets that are then extruded into thin fibers, which are layered and pressed together to create a sheet of Sola Felt that’s embedded with acoustic properties. Comprising 50 percent post-consumer PET, Sola Felt comes in 21 colorways.

The three launches reflect 3form’s aim to leave the planet in better condition than they found it. As part of the Align initiative, the products meet several industry certifications including the Product Challenge, EPDs, Declare labels, and GreenGuard Gold. What’s more, the company’s long standing take-back program prevents its products from filling up landfills. 3form has even attained The International Living Future Institute (ILFI)’s Just Label—a product nutrition label for socially just and equitable organizations—and has committed to improving in two categories per year. This transparency is a key driver in 3form’s mission: to “empower architects, designers, and consumers to make smart choices about how they buy and build.”

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