How Crossville Tile Can Contribute to the Decarbonization of the Hospitality Industry

Hospitality, like other industries, has a responsibility to manage its impact on our planet. There are many ways hoteliers can reduce their hotel’s global warming potential during construction or remodeling, including their choice of surfacing. Comprised of mostly clay and water, porcelain tile is inherently green and has long been the surfacing material of choice for the hospitality industry. Here’s how Crossville porcelain tile supports hoteliers in their decarbonization efforts.

Porcelain Tile Lifecycle

Crossville porcelain tile has an exceptional life cycle, outperforming other floor finishes in cost per square foot over time. It has the least lifecycle embodied carbon of any competitive floor covering.

Porcelain Tile and Energy Reduction

Crossville porcelain tile can reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling because of its exceptional thermal mass.

Carbon Neutral Options

Crossville’s two new carbon neutral porcelain tile collections (below) are especially suited to the hospitality industry. They are as beautiful as they are sustainable. Carbon-neutral products can make a difference in a building's embodied carbon (versus just the operational carbon).

Native Metal Porcelain Tile
Civilization Porcelain Tile


Crossville provides EPDs and Declare Labels for all manufactured tiles, porcelain panels, and porcelain slabs so that hospitality-focused architects, designers, and specifiers can clearly evaluate the sustainability of the products.

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