January, 2021 - Issue 58
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Hello 2021! We have our head down planning some great things for you this year - so stay tuned to find out about them.
In this month's edition....
  • Climate Ready Training
  • Get your garden to flourish
  • Become an open gardener
  • Kitchen caddies
  • Gardening around Marion
  • Trees: who gives a root
  • Time for a change?
  • Step into a sustainable future
  • Metal recycling in action
We're all in this together
It's time to take community climate resilience action to the next level

Join our Climate Ready Training!

Learn ways to support your community to adapt to the changing climate and connect with like-minded people.

When: Monday 22nd Feb and Tuesday 24th Feb, 6pm -9:30pm

Where: Online

Cost: $10pp
Get your garden to flourish
Tap into the knowledge of Mary Raymond as she shares her organic gardening experience with you.

Take a stroll through Glandore Community Garden and bring your vegetable gardening questions.

When: Saturday 6 February, 9:30am - 11am

Where: Glandore Community Centre, 25 Naldera St

Cost: $4
Become an open gardener - grow our future
Wanted : People who love gardening. Eat what you grow and share with others!

Join the Open Garden program in the beautiful surrounds of Warriparinga. Raised beds are suitable for growing vegetables and soft fruits such as strawberries.

Bring your own gardening tools, seeds or seedlings.

Where: Fairford House Open Garden, behind the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre, Bedford Park

When: 7 days a week. Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm is best as the vehicle gates are locked at 4pm each day.

Cost: Free!

For more information email Living Kaurna Cultural Centre or call on 8357 5900.
Kitchen Caddy
Kitchen caddies to be delivered to all households in City of Marion

40,500 households across the City of Marion will have a FREE kitchen caddy and roll of compostable bags delivered to their door. This will be rolled out from April - June 2021.

We received a $800,000 grant from Green Industries SA to roll out this program.

The previous option for residents to collect a free kitchen caddy from a Council office, is no longer available.

In the meantime, if you don't have a caddy, you can wrap your food scraps in newspaper or collect in compostable bags and place them in the green organics bin.
Gardening around Marion
Did you know....

We received 24 entries in Marion's first Gardening Showcase in November 2020?

Category winners were:
  • Brenda, Trott Park (Urban Garden)
  • Emma and Holly, Glengowrie (Young Gardener)
  • Oaklands Community Garden (Community Garden)

Each month we will feature images of a garden and hear what people love about their garden.

Brenda, Trott Park

"My garden is not a showpiece but I like it.

Gardening reminds me of my Ma who loved bringing home plants and my Pa (he's 97) who has such beautifully cared-for flowering potted plants and a vegetable garden.

Whether relaxing after a tough day or merely checking out what new life, bud or flower is in bloom my garden always delivers.
Gardening is good for my soul and body."
Trees: who gives a root?
View this fun, informative and interactive exhibition about our humble leafy friends, trees.

Did you know that one established tree can provide enough oxygen for ten people to breathe each year? We need our established trees to survive. But who gives a root about trees? Do you?
Time for a change?
Got the skills and passion to make a difference to our environment?

Check out these two job opportunities.
Step into a sustainable future

Find out what you can do in your home, backyard, street and beyond..

Adelaide Sustainability Centre is a public space and community hub, looking to connect with like-minded individuals and groups - together stepping into a sustainable future, and connection with our environment.

To find out about upcoming events and interesting articles, register to receive their enewsletter or 'like' their facebook page
Metal recycling in action

Did you know?

CO2 emissions are reduced by 58% when using ferrous scrap in steel making rather than virgin ore.

Recycling 1 tonne of steel saves;
  • 1,100kg of Iron Ore
  • 630kg of coal
  • 55kg of limestone

Steel recycling uses;
  • 74% less energy
  • 90% less virgin material
  • 40% less water

Want to know more about how scrap metal is processed at SIMS metal management?

You can take a virtual guided tour of the workflow from arrival of unsorted scrap at the gate to the loading of processed material for overseas and interstate smelters.

Source: SIMS Metal Management
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