Nebraskans for Solar & No More Empty Pots Are Partnering
On A Green Watts For Good Project For Omaha Gives!
How You Can Help

About Omaha Gives Day
Omaha Gives Day is a 24-hour, online giving event organized annually by the Omaha Community Foundation to grow philanthropy in the metro area. The event will take place on Wednesday, May 20, 2020, but you can schedule your contribution now and you won’t be charged until Omaha Gives Day. The minimum donation is $1 and there is no maximum. Omaha Gives is based on other successful giving days hosted by community foundations across the country.
Heartland Hope Mission Project Update
We also are currently partnering with Heartland Hope Mission and Interconnection Systems Inc (ISI), based in Central City, to install a 5-kilowatt photovoltaic (PV) project on the roof of the nonprofit’s building at 2021 U Street in Omaha. Individual contributions to our Green Watts for Good program and donations made during our 2019 Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign last December, sponsored by SHARE Omaha, will pay for the project.

Ric Hansen at Interconnection Systems Inc, founded and owned by Wayne Williams, is installing the system. Updates will be posted on our website’s Green Watts for Good page as the project progresses. ISI installed a 10-kilowatt rooftop PV system at Duchesne Academy in Omaha in 2019, shown in the above photo. (See Solar Examples).
Fun & Educational Resources For All Ages
Nifty Fifty: Environmental Activities Kids Can Do At Home
Environment America, a national network of environmental groups, has put together a collection of activities on the following topics that you and your kids can do at home:
Climate Change; Waste Reduction; Plants; Waterways; Parks and Conservation; Protecting birds, bees and other wildlife; Healthier home and community.
Free Online Course For High School Students & Adults
Solar Energy International's free online course is offered in English or Spanish: RE100: Introduction To Renewable Energy
RE100 covers the basics of renewable energy and is a great introduction for those new to the field, those who are looking to make a career change, or those who just want to learn more about energy from the sun, wind, and water, energy efficiency, and the basics of electricity. Join the tens of thousands of individuals who have completed the RE100 course. You won’t emerge as an expert, but you will learn a lot about the different technologies and trends, what situations are more appropriate for one type of renewable energy system versus another, and how to make a difference with your own energy consumption. This course also serves as an introduction to SEI’s online campus.
Featured Books For Do-It-Yourselfers
This book, by Micah Toll, teaches you everything you need to know about custom solar powered systems and other projects. Learn about topics from small scale solar powered projects like portable phone chargers all the way up to large off-grid and grid-tied home solar power systems, and even mobile solar power for RVs and other vehicles and boats.
Through detailed directions and step-by-step photos, veteran solar installer Joseph Burdick and seasoned builder Philip Schmidt teach you how to determine the size, placement, and type of installation you’ll need. This comprehensive DIY guide covers everything from assembling rooftop racking or building a ground-mounted structure to setting up the electrical connections and making a battery bank for off-grid systems.

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