Green Cleaners
Fight Germs the Natural Way

More than ever before,
it is a top priority to keep yourself
and your family safe from germs. 
Sanitizers and antibacterial cleaners often contain alcohol or harsh-smelling chemicals. If green is more your thing, there are now a number of natural options readily available at most stores. Shown here are just a few of our all-time favorites. Not only are these products effective at fighting germs,
but there's an extra bonus:
They smell GREAT !

Beyond Meyer's or Method brand,
you can also make your own household cleaner using three simple ingredients:


While antibacterial and all natural cleaners do help with sanitation, keep in mind that the common cold, influenza, and Coronavirus (COVID-19) are NOT bacteria.
These pesky viruses do not respond to antibiotics or antibacterial products.

Tried and true pointers to staying healthy:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly! In this helpful article, the CDC suggests humming the "Happy Birthday" song twice from beginning to end while you wash. If soap and water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  2. Be careful to avoid touching your face (particularly the eyes, nostrils, and mouth) when in public spaces, as those are the most common points of entry for contaminants.
  3. Consider investing in surgical or particle dust masks that cover the nose and mouth, especially if you have active symptoms. These can be purchased at any pharmacy or hardware store.
  4. Always cough into your arm, since airborne particles can spread illness.
  5. As much as it is a part of our routine to shake hands, during heavy cold season it is better to give a wave or thumbs up.

We wish you a robust immune system and
all the best as we make this final push toward spring.
Stay clean, stay green, and kick those germs to the curb!!