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April is Earth Month
From the iGreenCR Action Plan in progress, to the Community Climate Action Plan underway, there's a lot to celebrate in Cedar Rapids this Earth Month. We know that a healthy community requires a healthy environment, and we encourage you to learn more about (and engage in) efforts the City is undertaking to ensure our community remains vibrant and vital for years to come. 

Everybody can play a part in creating a more sustainable community. You can start by listening to City Manager Jeff Pomeranz's Earth Month video message with a few ideas. Then, keep scrolling through our Spring iGreenCR Newsletter below!
Play City Manager's Earth Month Message

Jump into Cedar Rapids' Climate Story

Learn how Cedar Rapids is addressing the important challenges of climate change by viewing the interactive story and seeing how 1,400 residents of Cedar Rapids view these challenges.

Take the City Manager's 1-Bag Challenge

City Manager Jeff Pomeranz challenges every resident to pick up one bag of litter each year as a way to help Clean Up CR. Litter clean-up kits are available at several locations in Cedar Rapids. Filled litter bags can be set beside your GARBY cart on garbage collection day and will be collected for no additional cost. The 1-Bag Challenge is one program in a suite of efforts called "Clean Up CR" -- intended to keep our community a clean, healthy place to live. 

ReLeaf Cedar Rapids
We need YOUR input!
This is YOUR plan.

ReLeaf Cedar Rapids is an initiative to guide and implement the reforestation of Cedar Rapids. This initiative is being led by the City of Cedar Rapids and Trees Forever in coordination with Jeff Speck and Confluence, Inc. The organizations are working collaboratively to develop a long-term reforestation effort that will address the urgency to reforest public spaces and outreach for planting in public spaces. It will also help address private property plantings.

Share Your Vision on How to ReLeaf Cedar Rapids
The planning project will be completed in four phases over the course of ten months. The targeted completion date for the planning effort is late-October 2021. The plan includes public engagement that is currently underway. Two public engagement exercises are currently open. The public is encouraged to participate using the link below. Additional exercises will be posted as they become available.

Step 1. Rank the Guiding Principles
Guiding principles rating exercise

Step 2. Show us YOUR trees

Visit the Trees Forever website for up-to-date opportunities:
Solarizing Linn & Johnson Counties

Cedar Rapids is partnering for the third year in a solar group buy program. Learn more about this unique opportunity here, and register to attend the virtual kickoff event Tuesday, April 13, 6:30pm. 

A Group Buy program works by aggregating the buying power of many to create lower prices for all. Running from the April kickoff until August, residents in Linn and Johnson Counties can attend a virtual Solar Power Hour educational event to learn if solar is right for their homes, learn how the group buy works, and get a free quote if interested. It's a unique time to consider solar--prices have been falling for years, and the unfortunate loss of trees in Cedar Rapids means many homes have more sun hitting their roofs.

Managing the Solar Group Buy program is the Midwest Renewable Energy Association. MREA manages the solar installer for the program, who commits to price breaks for all participating residents as more join the program. Learn more about the Group Buy and attend one of many educational Solar Power Hours by signing up here.

Partners in Linn and Johnson Counties helping to promote this learning opportunity include: City of Cedar Rapids, Linn County, City of Iowa City, Johnson County, The Nature Conservancy-Iowa, Green Iowa AmeriCorps, Linn Clean Energy District, Johnson County Energy District, and Johnson County Conservation.

Learn about the 2017 and 2019 Cedar Rapids & Linn County Solar Group Buy programs at the City's sustainability website.

Kirkwood Community College Earth Month Event:
Climate Action and Equity

Sociology Professor Finn Kolsrud moderates a discussion with Cedar Rapids and Linn County sustainability managers: Eric Holthaus and Tamara Marcus.  Learn how Cedar Rapids and Linn County are pursuing carbon neutrality and social justice in the community.  Participants must register for the event in advance.
My Job is a Sustainability Job...
Meet City of Cedar Rapids staff who lead by example and support the environmental, social, and economic sustainability goals of the iGreenCR Action Plan!

Duncan McCallum
Duncan McCallum
Building Services Manager

My job allows me to help residents become more sustainable. Following a Solarize Linn County program, we saw an increase in PV solar systems and permits. We wanted to support residents in using solar energy. A team of individuals in multiple departments involved in permitting got together to make the process easier. We combined several permits into one permit, one review, and one fee. We also transitioned to software which allows homeowners to submit permits through email and have them reviewed quickly. These changes allowed the City to support the increase in residential solar use and made our processes more efficient.
In Case You Missed It
Native Flowers & Grasses

You've heard that monarchs need milkweed. Did you know that all bees and butterflies native to our region depend upon specific native plants for their reproduction cycles? If you plant native species, you're supporting our precious local ecosystems. If you haven't been, there's still time to start this spring! Here are some helpful resources:
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